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About the Author

This site is dedicated to making ophthalmology as fun and engaging as possible!

Who are we?
Well, actually, this book, website, and all illustrations were created by myself. My name is Tim Root, and I’m an ophthalmologist with a background in graphic design and cartooning.

How can you contact us?
I can be contacted at the following address.


In addition, I have just joined a practice in Daytona Beach called “Tomoka Eye Associates.” Our website is here:


Why is the paper version of OphthoBook for sale on Amazon? Isn’t this book supposed to be “free?”
You are absolutely correct … ophthobook is intended to be completely FREE and available to everyone. You can find all the pdfs for each chapter (and the vidoes) on this site for viewing and download.

It’s not easy to read an entire book on a computer, so many people have requested the paper book version. I’ve made this available on Amazon. Any royalties made from the printed version is pumped back into the site, video development, and used for book donations to students.

Why not sell the book through a traditional publisher?
Perhaps someday I will. The problem with medical books like this one, is that the potential readership is quite small, and success depends largely upon how well your publisher markets for you. I already have background marketing online teaching programs, so for now would rather place the book online to reach as many people as I can.

Why online video lectures?
I suspect that most profesional students (i.e. medical students) learn material best when they glean information from different sources. The video lectures allow instant delivery of audio-visual facts that directly compliment the book. Hopefully, the lectures will help this material “sink in.”

Why so many jokes?
You will find this book chock-full of nutty cartoons, quotes, and jokes. This irreverent approach is not meant to downplay eye diseases, disparage the field of ophthalmology, or to disrespect our patients. Rather, this teaching approach is meant to maintain your interest and help you learn these topics as quickly as possible. Medical schools provide little or no ophthalmologic training in their core curriculum, making this material difficult to learn. These “jokes” may help you understand an ophthalmic condition and thus enable you to help your patients. Other medical series like the “Ridiculously Simple” books follow a similar approach and I’ve found this style helpful in my own studies.

Limited Scope
This website covers basic topics and is definitely not “all inclusive.” Unless you’re “really into eyeballs” this material can be rather dry, so I’ve attempted to keep the chapters short, high-yield, and moderately entertaining. Obviously, I’ve left out large chunks of ophthalmology. You should consult larger books for these topics if you’re interested in continuing in the field.


Dear Tim ,
i like to congratulate you for this nice work.
iam pediatric ophthalmology fellow and i watch all your clips , its very nice and very helpful. and i enjoy watching all of them
my best wishes for you were you go
Fahad alwadani ,MD

Comment by fahad alwadani — January 2, 2008

What an extraordinarily benevolent person you must be. This is an incredible work. I just finished watching the “Anatomy of the Eye” video, and I’m sure that I’ll watch all of them as I find time.

I had an Inferior Turbinate Reduction procedure done on me about 15 days ago. During the days immediately following it, I was frequently getting puffs of air coming from the punctum area of my right eye when I blew my nose. I was very worried that the Dr. had punctured something, and I was in serious trouble.

After reading your answer about how and where the nasolacrimal duct drains, and watching the “Anatomy of the Eye” video, my mind is at ease. I was really, really worried.

Thank you for your excellent work.

Karl Martin

Comment by Karl Martin — March 30, 2008

not only are you really smart and talented, you are super cute!


Comment by carrington — May 7, 2008


I have always recognized the talent. You have done an original and peak work. Congratulations!!!

Comment by Leticia Barrios — June 5, 2008

This is great. Well done.

Comment by Steven Dell, MD — June 13, 2008


Comment by sinan — June 28, 2008

hi, your website’s great. i hope this website stays free. thanks

Comment by bogs — July 30, 2008

Great job Tim. I will be recommending your site to all my students. Billing and coding personnel need to learn the clinical side as well and your information is short, concise and to the point. A great introduction to the topic.

Like the cartoons.

Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, CPC-H, Coding and Billing Consultant for Eyecare

Comment by Jeffrey Restuccio — August 7, 2008

Dear Tim,
I’m genior resident of ophthalmology !
thank U on this (free) website
very simple lectures in writing & explainations
But where U are resident ? what’s actually textbooks U use ?
Best Wishes 4 U

Comment by Hend — August 29, 2008

Dear Tim,

I am a student optometry from Holland and I bumped on your site by google. You did great work with this website its a great and easy to follow, i would say go on with your work and i am sure that i will use your website a lot for easy refreshment.

Good Job!

Comment by Dave — October 10, 2008

if it’s ok. What’s your last name because i need to cite you for my project? It help me out a lot. Thanks

Comment by Clarisse — October 17, 2008

you did well ,thanks A LOT.


Comment by bader — October 24, 2008

dear tim
thanks a lot you did a great job i would like to congratulat you for this job i am an ophtalmic nurse really you helped me a lot for more understanding and more information i need i wish this site will stay free thank you

Comment by malek — January 16, 2009

Dear Tim,
will use this valuable source to teach our PA students. You did a such great job.
May God continue to bless your passion.

Ng, Hoikee PA-C
Assistant Professor
Nova Southeastern University.

Comment by Ng, Hoi Kee PA-C — February 20, 2009

tim your effoets are really admirable. i wanted to do these things with medicine.u made eye very easy and understandable i really apprecite ur endeavour. tim please tell me how to download these videos because i donot have internet access at my home please send me these videos to my email address drbilal_g1@yahoo.com. with great regards Muhammad Bilal
Final year mbbs
Gomal Medical College

Comment by MUHAMMAD BILAL — March 26, 2009

thank u tim ,for a while I thought that i will never understood neuroophthalmology , great jop

Comment by Maha — April 1, 2009

i am a third year medical student from india and i ve seen all ur videos..they r amazing n very useful..thanks n keep up the good work!!!!

Comment by swati baveja — April 9, 2009

Dr. Tim ,
Thank you so much for sharing your excellent work. As a certified ophthalmic technician with 15 years experience, I have found this site to be extraordinarily helpful when training new staff as well as supplementing my own continued education.


Comment by Margaret — April 19, 2009

I am a med student from Romania and I have my ophthalmo exam this friday. My teacher’s book is really boring and your videos made me really want to read it, although is truly madly deeply realy boring. I belive you like your job and that makes me think really beautiful things about you as a professional. I would like my teachers to be more like you, I mean I wish teachers to be teachers not only readers, writers and doctors. I think you will become a really good teacher.


Comment by lavinia — May 6, 2009

Dr. Root,

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for offering this free and informative website to all of us interested in ophthalmology. As a med student, visiting this site from time to time allows me to keep a general understanding of ophthalmology fresh in my mind, and your approach to explaining the material is one of a kind. I look forward to future works.

Comment by HB — May 29, 2009

thanks alot for this nice website

Comment by dr.mohd — June 7, 2009

Great service ,thanks TIM.

Comment by suba — June 9, 2009

I’m an anesthetic registrar. I found your website excellent to brush-up on some of my examining skills. Well done. Your tensilon comment completely cracked me up.

Comment by Andre — July 10, 2009

I’m a third year medical student doing a surgical elective in ophtho right now, and it’s been hard finding good basic information on physical exam technique and interpreting findings. Thanks so much for this great resource!

Comment by Alyssa — August 10, 2009

thanks so much for creating this website, I’m in the process of taking my COA, and this website has allow me to become more focus on learning this material. I have read books and even tried other online teaching material but this has been the best so far. I hope u Continue to help upcoming students.


Comment by Tanika — August 11, 2009

thank you vety mush for your efforts,
Its very nice book

Comment by fadi — August 13, 2009

Hi, I’m a med student from Puerto Rico and I found your site looking for something else, and I’ve got to tell you, I love it! you’ve really make these subjects so simple and fun to learn.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this together

Comment by Natalie Rodriguez — August 14, 2009

Dear Dr. Root,

This book was an amazing find. Thank you very much for writing it. From,

A Thankful Medical Student

Comment by Ace — August 16, 2009

You should be a millionare! You’r incredible! I have been in the field since 1993 and I have pretty much taught myself. I have never come across such wonderful teaching material as this. I love to laugh and reading your work as kept me entertained as well as taught me a few things I haven’t yet learned. You have renewed my spirit for this field.

Kuddos to you for being a wonderful-funny-smart Doctor. Not like the others with no sense of humor. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on books. Hundreds….and this was FREE!! This is all I ever needed. Shucks, the newbies out there really have it made!!

Thanks again for being such and awesome MD!!

Start charging……

Comment by Angie, COT — August 19, 2009

dr tim,

just the intro will keep you go on..ophthalmology explained in a very uncomplicated way..hope you will continue this endeavor for you are helping lots of people in this profession..God bless..thanks

Comment by led — August 19, 2009

hey doc!grt job…what’s amazing is that even after u know d subject in such great detail n entirety,u can [and u DO]still simplify it…n it put it across in d most unique of ways..it’s always a pleasure to learn ophtho this way ..

Comment by shweta — August 23, 2009

im a 4th year medical student in egypt i watched most of ur videos they r amazing i liked ur simplicity and way of teaching.

Comment by ahmed — September 8, 2009

Dear Tim,
I’m a medicine student from The Netherlands and I’ve learned so much of your video’s. The way you offer the theory is great. I’ll introduce your site to more students in The Netherlands.

Comment by Janna — September 27, 2009

dear tim,

this website you have here is brilliant!
i go for my abo next month and this is my follow up for visual’s and background memory!
thanks so much….

Comment by Mike Orgillon — October 16, 2009

Dear Dr. Root,

I am a 4th year portuguese medical student and I just want to tell you how great and how helpful your website is!
Thank you so much for making all this for free…
I wish you all the best and may God bless you.

Thank you very much,

Lisa :o)

Comment by Lisa Caiado — October 18, 2009

I think you are wonderful for keeping this up for free. I looked for you on FaceBook, but your not there. It would be cool to be your friend.


Comment by Jamie — October 20, 2009

amazing tim… grt job

Comment by kirolos — October 31, 2009

thank you so much for making this all free.

Comment by maverick — November 13, 2009

Dear Tim,
I came across your website through a video I watched on youtube… and am I happy I did. Although I haven’t gone through all the material yet, I must say that I am impressed with the work you’ve put into it. Very helpfulfor me as a resident in ophthalmology. Thanks alot and keep up the good work!

Best wishes,
Dr. Singh

Comment by Singh — November 21, 2009

I am an medical student from Brazil, and I have found this website very very helpful for my residence in ophthalmology. Thank you very much for this material and for making this free !!


Comment by Luana Castilho — November 23, 2009

Great site..no doubt
thanks so much Dr Tim for understanding what Jr ophthalmologist needs ..ur site is just amazing & once u get the information it’s pretty hard to forget it :)
God bless

Comment by marwa — November 30, 2009

Thanks a lot!
I used your video for a preparation for an exam in school and it was very helpful + easy to understand, though my mother language is not english…

Comment by Max — December 3, 2009

Thank you so much for this, I’ve been desperately looking for a medical book i actually enjoy reading!

Comment by Aamir — December 8, 2009

Dear Dr. Root,

Thank you so much for creating this incredible resource and making it available to medical students for free! I’m currently taking an ophthalmology elective and your website has been far more useful, engaging, and informative than any textbook I’ve read on the subject. I wish there were similar resources available for all my rotations. Thanks again,


Comment by Ammu — December 17, 2009

Hi Tim .
Thank u so much for helping me to understeand ophthalmology.
greetings from Macedonia

Comment by Aleksandra — January 7, 2010

thank u for this website and book

Comment by abdelrahman — January 9, 2010

Thanks so much for this amazing website! I’m a PA student and your videos were SO helpful in clearing up ophthalmology. My classmates and professor all appreciate the site.

Comment by Lila C. — January 24, 2010

Thanks so much for this amazing website and helping me to understeand ophthalmology….I’ve been desperately looking for an illustrated, simple yet clear explanation medical book… i’ve never across this type of book…it is fantastic….i like to congratulate TOM for this nice work

Comment by alan — January 28, 2010

Dear Mr.Root
I,d like to thank you for your great &woderful web.

Comment by hossein — February 3, 2010

I just wanted to thank you so much for your hard earn respect and the incredible job you’re doing. This is a source of giving back.

Comment by Light Amedzekor — February 10, 2010

Dear Dr. Root,

Thank you so very much for this wonderful website! I recently started my job as an ophthalmic technician and the ophthobook and videos really helped me. Thanks again.

Comment by alice — February 10, 2010

Dear Tim,
I don’t know how can I express my feelings for your work.
I want these videos for me and my students.
How can I down load these wonderful teaching videos! Or,
Will you send me through e mail, Please ?

Thanks a lot.

Dr. S A Moktad Razu
Asst Prof of Ophthalmology
Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Comment by Razu — February 20, 2010

Thanks so much for this easy to understand format. As an outpatient coder for a hospital I found this very helpful in explaining the anatomy and disease of the eye. It was exactly what I needed to fully comprehend what was happening to the patient so that I can understand how the physician was treating them to correctly code each case. Thanks so much…you may have more of a market out there then you thought! Coding education regarding the eye and its diseases and procedures isn’t easy to find! Anytime you want to travel to Illinois to educate coders I have plenty of willing participants! Thanks again!


Comment by Heather — February 23, 2010

Dr. Root,
This website is brilliant. I am doing a senior student elective in ophtho and it is my primary resource. I find it especially useful because I am not entering ophtho as a specialty, but I want to be able to communicate with them clearly when I consult from the ED. I’ve never found the subject matter so relatable before. Thank you.

Comment by Deola — March 14, 2010

thank you tim roof. good luck to you.

Comment by vijayakumar — March 24, 2010

Dear Tim,

I cannot thank you enough!! As a medical student I am currently studying for finals. Your very visual methods and humour make learning about the eye (and particularly CN palsies) both understandable and interesting.

Thanks so much, keep up the excellent work. Will recommend the site to my friends.

Comment by Emily — April 3, 2010

Dear Tim,
Thank you for your superb presentation which I found after undergoing eye surgery recently. I spent 40 years of my life in teaching and in developing instructional materials for college students, and therefor I am all the more impressed with your excellent work. Keep it up!

Comment by Ruth — May 3, 2010

I started 4 hours ago watching the videos and i can’t stop, i just can NOT!.

I read the pdf chapter and then watch the video.

It’s more entertaining than watching last’s Dr House season!

I really thank you all this material.


Diego, from south america.

Bye!, lecture 9 is wating for me.

Comment by Diego — May 25, 2010

Dear Tim,
as obviously many others before I am impressed by your work and unbelievably lucky to have found it 1 week before my final ophtha oral exams for the swiss “staatsexamen”.
You are not just a great presenter, but the structure of you’re texts and videos is just outstanding.
So thank you very very much!

Comment by Adrian Gyimesi — June 3, 2010

Dear Tim, this is indeed a great thing you did. Wish the other specialties would do the same. I love the way you present it that even non-doctors would be able to understand them. And the pictures and videos showing actual cases, very informative and really get to appreciate the field and the study. Congratulations on a job well done and indeed you have done good to A LOT of people both doctors and non-doctors. Thanks a whole lot and again, congratulations!!!!

Comment by Josephine Brillantes — June 10, 2010

Thank you so much for such concise and factual knowledge. Your explanations are simple and helpful to a beginner. I am
using your work as a training tool to suppliment my one-on-one training with new ophthalmic assistants in our office.

I also found your flashcard questions a good review for myself despite the fact that I am a COT. Thank you!

Comment by Loraine Huemmer, COT, CRC — June 28, 2010

Great Dr Tim,
I found this work is very interesting,
videos are very helpful
thanks too much

Comment by roro — August 1, 2010

Thanks Tim,
Please put more lessons in this websites.

Comment by Vibol — August 30, 2010

Hi Tim,

Can I just say that you have absolutely saved my ass. I have a 4 week ophtho rotation coming up and was panicking about how to learn the material – you’re website has definitely given me a massive leg up! Congrats and thanks.

London, UK

Comment by Michelle Ting — September 14, 2010

Dear Tim,
Thanks so much for this material. it was really so magnanimous of you to put this up free. i was getting painful double vision from trying to read an approach to diplopia but ur neuro-opthalmo lecture saved my ass.
i’m in my final year and i was fretting +++
hope this stays free! all the best to you


Comment by Gabriel — September 18, 2010

Dear Sir,
I’m a 3rd year medical student in India. I would like to thank you & congratulate you again for such a wonderful portal of Ophthal knowledge!
Every word that you utter definitely ‘sinks in’, trust me!;D

Raviteja Innamuri
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

Comment by Raviteja Innamuri — September 27, 2010

tx!!! I was desperately looking for more info on a 4th cn palsy, this is very clear
Jessica Nielsen,
training in neurology

Comment by Jessica — October 5, 2010

I have to say this one super resource. I’m a student in my ophthalmology rotation and this is pretty invaluable! I cannot commend it enough!

Comment by Mit — October 6, 2010

Thank you or your impressive work! The cartoons are really cute and funny. It is really kind that you are providing all this for free. Thanks again.

Comment by Adjoa Frimpong-Boateng — October 7, 2010

This is a terrific resource. I am a long-practicing pediatrician and have wished for exactly this kind of resource. It has been a very nice review for me, and is perfect as a teaching tool for a subset of parents who wish to learn more about various topics including this particularly difficult one. I know everyone out here shares my experience that you are a gifted teacher. Thank you for your selflessness in sharing this with the community.

Comment by Gary Evans — October 9, 2010

I’m a practising optometrist from Sydney, Australia. I’m amazed at how simple and fun you’ve made the material. Wish I had this during Uni !

Keep up the awesome work :)

Comment by Linda — October 31, 2010

Big big thank you from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’ve found your video lectures incredibely useful. It really inspires! Thank you, dr Root!

Anton, ophthalmology resident.

Comment by Anton Vurdaft — November 13, 2010

I am a 4th year MBBS student from LUMHS Pakistan, i was looking for something which covers the basics of ophthalmology and your lectures and videos saved me, amazing work. Thank u so much for this site and i must appreciate all the hard work u put in it
God bless :)

Comment by Anum laghari — November 15, 2010

sir iam a ist year ms student from india i found ur work extremely useful.u just simplified ophthal.hope ull continue the same..thank u sooooooooooo much

Comment by arjun reddy — November 19, 2010

Thank you for a brilliant resource for medical students!

Comment by Alefia Merchant — November 29, 2010

hi dr tim, From Perú, congratulations for this web site, it will be useful for our students and optometrist here. I´ll share this page for them. I.ll be sure they like this.
Thank you for making teaching easier.

Comment by mayra agurto — January 9, 2011

Thank you so much! Your website is amazing! I’m a med student and I use it to prepare for my exams!
Btw, do you know if there are other textbook of that kind for other medical subjects? (like dermatology, orthopedics, etc.) that would help me a lot ;-)

Comment by Alix Blanche — January 19, 2011

Dr. Tim,
great piece of work!Very well conceived .May I make a few corrections- the superior rectus is an adductor – brings the eye towards the nose .And so is the inferior rectus.The obliques are abductors -the superior oblique is actually called the “cheating muscle”!.It takes the eye down and out.BUT testing of the superior and inferior rectus is done in the out position , because in this position the obliques can’t elevate or depress the eye.
Also in your example of the patient with diplopia and hearing loss ,you mentioned 7th nerve involvement-shouldn’t be 8th nerve?

Comment by mana — January 27, 2011

i am a pharmacy student and the information here helped me a lot to understand some infections .
that is a great effort ,thanks a lot.

Comment by Nada abbass — February 2, 2011

Hello Tim,

I am an Optometrist from Philippines. I will be taking a licensure exam with the Department of Health in Dubai to legally practice my profession there. As for now I am having self review and I am thankful to found your videos in youtube and went to your website to check other videos and lectures.

Congratulations for a great job, and thank you so much.

Best Regards,


Comment by Yna — February 3, 2011

I hate opthlamology

I love it after your great work
so thank you very much and keep up the good work

Comment by Turk — March 5, 2011

Hi Tim.
Greetings from Northern Ireland.
I’ve learnt more watching your lectures in one afternoon than 3 years at University! The Simple way you explain binocular vision anomalies and everything else for that matter is truly refreshing!

Comment by Caroline — April 12, 2011

well…u already know…you rock! thanks for the awesome videos!

Comment by triza — May 15, 2011

I’m an intern and preparing for ophthalmology residency exam with only 2 weeks left and this is the best site to cover most of the topics,
thank you very much for your accomplishment
congratulation and wish you the best

Comment by Saad — May 29, 2011

Dear dr Tim
I am an ophthalmologist from india,presently working as lecturer in a medical university in malaysia.I have found ur lectures&videos superb.U r gr8 teacher.Thankyou very much 4this website.

Comment by sonykjose — August 18, 2011

u r doing great job sir. thanx a lot…:-)

Comment by lovely — August 21, 2011

Dear Dr. Tim,

I am an ophthalmic assistant in new jersey. I stumbled across this website and i was so into the videos and the way that you explained everything. I literally stood up the whole night and watched every single video on your site.
Thank you!….

Comment by Taty — August 21, 2011

u r simply great ,god for students ..


Comment by Ezhil — August 23, 2011

first thank you.. i am an optometrist…these really help me a lot… You are a blessing.. thanks..

Comment by filipina balajadia — September 6, 2011

Hi, Doctor Tim

I just wanted to thank you for your marvelous videos, its helping me through my first ophtalmo class.

Blessings from Mexico

Comment by Ramón Elizondo — September 30, 2011

Dear Tim,
I really enjoyed your videos during my exam preparation. Thank you a lot and please continue with your online lectures!

Comment by Xenia — November 1, 2011

Dear Dr Tim ,
Thank you for sharing the knoladge… you made opthalmoloy more easy and fun by your videos.

Comment by malika — November 8, 2011

Dear Dr ROOT,

I would like to tell you how much your books and videos were helpfull.
I work in an Optician Training Service.
Every day, i give your website to the opticians who wants to understand optometry in an easy way.
For my part I took back my retinoscop full of dust and start training dynamic skiascopy.

Best regards from Paris, FRANCE.

Krimo DAIRI.

Comment by Krimo DAIRI — November 13, 2011

LOVE this! Would love to have you lecture at one my meetings-either at our annual meeting, which is held in conjunction with the AAO’s annual meeting, or at one of my 16 regional meetings this year-I have one in Orlando, June 22 & 23, in conjunction with the FSO meeting! Please contact me!! Thanks.

Comment by janice — November 17, 2011

Hi Tim,

I am a neurologist in the UK and have been using your website for the last few years. It is nothing short of brilliant – no neurology textbook comes close to it….and I’ve been a doctor for a decade so I’ve read a few! The cartoons and videos are simply genius – I recommend your lectures to all my students and every time I pick an extraocular palsy I have you to thank!


Comment by Julie — November 27, 2011

Hi Tim, just wanted to thank you for your amazing work. I’m a med student (just about to become a full MD)from Argentina and your videos made me understand and love ophthalmology. No textbook is as good as your lectures.
Congrats for your work and its success, you really deserve it!
Best wishes


Comment by Belen — December 3, 2011

the videos are so good i neednt read my text book…im an undergrad from india going for my opthal exam and the truth is opthal was never so interesting.. u sure made it more fun :).. thanks a lot and do keep making more videos

Comment by samatha — December 4, 2011


Comment by Victoria — December 5, 2011

sir i s.k tiwari from India is medical student of ancient medicine and surgery of India(AYURVEDA).I can say just about to you that you provided everything in the short.nothing is dropped .I have to say something about you that you are amazing

Comment by kumar tiwari — December 18, 2011

dear tim

thank you very much for producing these excellent resources and for making available to so many for free

they have really helped me

best wishes

Comment by sabih — December 24, 2011

hello tim,
i am preparing for my masters in opthalmology and i happened to see your online book and lectures . i read through the entire lectures in couple of hours and i realised that may be if your objective was to introduce ophthalmology making the subject easy and interesting you not only succeeded in your attempt but you have done a great job. Congratulations

Comment by rajiv kakar — January 1, 2012

dear dr. tim
iam verythank to give me support to love optometry . h hope to see mor from you > again thank u

Comment by elshafie — January 7, 2012

See that long list of countries that have thankful medical students you just saved from failing? Add Sudan to that list. Thank you for this website, thank you for the videos… and I’ll buy your book when I can. Thank you again, you’re awesome (and cute!).

Comment by Riga91 — January 19, 2012

Great videos, great book! Wish more professionals would have the talent to do websites like this!

Comment by Erika Almeida — February 3, 2012

respected sir
i don’t know where to ask a question so i am writing it in your comment box…
may u please tell me why can’t i use a retinoscope to do ophthalmoscopy and vice versa

i have tried many online and offline resources but could not understand… please e-mail me if u see this and like to reply… thank you sir

Comment by mark — February 8, 2012

hi im a trainee contact lens student from the uk. i have to say how amazed i am to find such an awesome and informative website that has helped with most of my queries!!! is there anything on keratometry???

Comment by bhini — March 18, 2012

Hi Tim,

I’m a fourth year medical student and I would like to thank you for creating this site! You’re an incredible teacher…probably the best in all my four years of medical school lol! I’m using this site to study for my optho exam and your explanations are so well written! If only my profs had such passion in their work as you do, which is clearly seen through your teaching!

Thank you once again!


Comment by Anna-Maria — April 1, 2012

I’m reviewing for my final Canadian medical school exam, and this is an invaluable resource for ophthalmology review! Thanks for this great review!

Comment by Rebecca — April 1, 2012

Hello Tim,

I must confess that you are God sent! You are simply amazing and an expert in basic education.

Pls kindly post video of how to effectively use the BINOCULAR INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE. This technique is confusing to me.

Pls TIM help kindly as I enjoyed the tips on SLIM LAMP BIOMICROSCOPY and others!

Thanks in advance sir!

Comment by Ozone — April 22, 2012

Hi Tim

You should be given the title Sir………. :)

Thank you so much for what you have provided. It has helped me a lot in my studies. Our lectures could never teach and explain like the way you do. I am so grateful to you. You are the reason for not giving up my degree and passing my exams. Please keep up the great work.

Thanks again Sir Tim.

Comment by Gina — April 27, 2012

wow this web site is amazing ……. GREAT JOP :)

Comment by mannosh — April 29, 2012

Hey Tim,
Remember that great complexities comprise of simple fragments. You’ve gone a great job here reminding us of those basics which we so often forget.
My heartiest compliments!

Comment by Deepayan — May 19, 2012

I’m a french resident in ophthalmology and I think the medicine needs more passionate people like you! Thanks a lot!

Comment by Mat — June 6, 2012

its great and hard job

Comment by uzma — June 15, 2012

Hi, qualified in 2008!!

so wish i had read your material few years back as it would have really helped! However im still finding it brilliantly educational and entertaining to read even now!

fantastic keep it up


Comment by Archiemano — June 21, 2012

Dr. Tim,
You’re website was incredibly helpful to me as a technician. It was on a level I could really grasp. Thanks so much for all your videos, espec especially the retinoscopy lecture! Several of our Dr.’s had tried to explain the concept to me without success, and after watching your video I got it immediatley. You are a great teacher! Thanks again!


Comment by Maureen — June 22, 2012

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much. you make the boring stuff became alive. good on you.


Comment by May — July 18, 2012

Dr Tim,
Your website is outstanding, makes me excited and interested to learn ophthalmology. Thank you very much!

Comment by chris — August 21, 2012



Comment by FADI — August 26, 2012

thank you so much dr. Tim……
I had struggled a lot in ophthalmology and i was a sucker at this subject before i found this… really thank you a million tons…god bless you

Comment by nishedh — August 27, 2012

i m in tamil langue sir plz reply

Comment by ansar — September 4, 2012

Hi Tim
So pleased to see ur website and downloaded all the pdfs and videos atonce.u r doing a great service for medicine without monetary motive.The best thing i find in ur lectures is your focused approach on the basics and an uncanny approach unlike our boring class lectures.Stay blessed.Hope you do great in future

Comment by Ali — November 18, 2012

Hello Tim

I am so glad to come across your videos. They are great! I am preparing for the MRCPCH Paeds exam in UK and was struggling with eye tests. The lectures were so interesting, simple, every step made sense. Thanks a zillion.

By the way if you don’t mind just another compliment to pass on, my friend here adores your look!! He feels you look like Tom Crusie!! lol!

thanks again!

Comment by Dylan — February 9, 2013

This website is fantastic- by far the most approachable learning resource online I’ve come across as a medical student. Thanks to this, I’m actually learning some ophthalmology, which is otherwise hard to do during a very very minimal focus in our curriculum. I think it’s amazing that this is available for free, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one who is extremely grateful for this. Thanks!

Comment by Madeleine — February 12, 2013

Dr/Mr Root,

I can appreciate the time it must have taken to create these videos. Thank you so much

Comment by UK Doctor — February 17, 2013

I am an American going to med school in Sweden, and I just wanted to thank you so much for this website! This book is great, I am going to tell everyone I know about it. (Too bad I found it at the end of my rotation, before the exam though!)

Comment by Linnea — February 21, 2013

Dear Tim,
During my sixth year of medical school I had a 1 week ophthalmology rotation, which is when I realized I want to be an ophthalmologist. I had also realized I have zero knowledge of ophthalmology. One week was barely enough to figure out which side of the slit lamp to sit on…
I started reading some books on the subject, but it was all a bit overwhelming.
Finally I came across your website, which is just a perfect intro to ophthalmology, that medical schools seem to neglect including. Having the author being funny and cute is just an added bonus..
Thank you so much for the huge investment of time and effort you must have made to create this!
Hoping our appreciation is somewhat a reward.


Comment by Shani — April 1, 2013

Hi Dr. Root,
I just wanted to thank you for putting this together and making it available for everyone. I have been dealing with recurrent optic neuritis, VI nerve palsy and some other seemingly random eye problems for the past 8 years and have never found a resource as simple, comprehensive, and easy to understand as your textbook. It has been terrifying at times because some of my doctors have not explained things to me very well or take it for granted that I know more about these conditions than I do, which is what led me to research on my own and learn as much as I can. I also appreciate the light-hearted approach as the underlying diseases and conditions associated with eye disorders can be serious enough. Thank you for helping me understand some of this stuff; it will help as I try to find the major cause/underlying diagnosis that is causing my weird vision issues. Knowledge is power!! :)

Rhian C.
Kauai, Hawaii

Comment by Rhian — April 6, 2013

Dear Dr.Tim,

This the best ever way to learn any thing , not only medicine…simplify the stuff , make videos and add some jokes to make the hard stupid science be so funny and interesting …..that was i exactly looking for

U R the best………

Kind regards from Egypt

Haytham Soliman

Comment by Haytham Soliman — April 20, 2013

dear dr.tim,
thank u for this site..it is very informative.
i am from pakistan and the books uv syggested are not available here.. how can i order them?..
thank u

Comment by rabya ahmed — June 16, 2013

Thanks Dr. Root! This is great-I’ve shared with all of my classmates.

Comment by Jen — July 12, 2013

one of the best videos.
amazing work, you have just simplified ophthalmology.

Comment by Asad — July 14, 2013

Dear Dr. Root, I am a medical translator in China mainland and attracted to this interesting book. What do you think of a Chinese version of this book? Maybe we can discuss it via e-mail. Thank you.

Comment by Audrey — July 26, 2013


Comment by tamara — September 8, 2013

Love the blog….but I have to scroll through 4 years of comments each time I go on it. Is there a way to flip it so comments go newest to oldest?

Comment by Maurice — October 10, 2013

@Maurice: I’ve debated flipping the comments before, but will probably keep it the same for now. If you are interested in being notified of new comments on a page (so you don’t have to scroll down to check) you can subscribe to comments with the checkbox below next time you comment on a page. Thanks for writing!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — October 10, 2013

thank you for this site

Comment by mhn — October 16, 2013

Wow why can’t all med school resources be like this. I actually learned something during two weeks of an Ophtho rotation thanks to this. Please start a medical school

Comment by Brett — October 23, 2013

Dr. Tim, i don’t know how much I could thank you for making your fantastic work available to this world, for FREE !

I always wanted to learn the subject in a very interesting manner exactly like you depict it !

The only big words i could say are – ‘Faith in Humanity – Restored !!’

Forever in your debt. :)

Comment by Saketh Reddy — November 3, 2013

I am an EMT/Paramedic instructor and have always had trouble finding eye injury pictures that truly can show my students individual injuries (a red injured eye looks like every other red injured eye to us)Your eye trauma video is going to make a difference to trauma patients in middle Tennessee. Thanks

Comment by Christy Tomlinson — November 3, 2013

WOW! I am a pathology resident and feared the ophtalmo chapter… until I came accross your work! I wish I had discovered these erlier!

You have a talent in teaching and presenting the material that is a level above some of the best lectures I’ve had! A true inspiration as a doctor, professor and human being for allowing access to the material free and with ease for anyone with intrest.

Keep up the awesome work!
Thank you.

Comment by Maryam — November 6, 2013


Comment by mah — December 23, 2013

Sir…i saw ur videos on you tube..they are amazing…planning to go through more of ur stuff…they are really helping me out..i feel so much thankful to u for having created them in such a simplified and interesting manner

Comment by dr shweta — February 6, 2014

Ophthalmology was genuinely my most hated subject in medical school until I came across your book and videos. Absolutely phenomenal work – one of the best ways I have learnt medicine so far!

Comment by Ash — February 8, 2014



Comment by ALI — March 5, 2014

Dear Dr. Tim,
I happened to find your videos online, It’s awesome,
I’ll take it to the Chinese students, thank you so much!
All the best!

Comment by Peng Jingbiao — May 24, 2014

Dr Tim im a medical student from Libya and i really loved ur pretty easy way in learning i was struggling in ophthalmology and i spent useless time but now and because of u im on the right track ^^

Comment by aisha — August 18, 2014

Thank you for making this book available.I am learning a lot about my lifelong retinopathies. I have learned much along the way, but am able to learn so much more regarding the pathology, tests and treatments, through your publication. I wish there was some mention of sickle cell retinopathies. As our retinopathies are similar to those of diabetics, this is still a valuable reference. Thank you so much.

Comment by Bridget — November 9, 2014

This web page is very interesting and I enjoy learning from the videos. I am not a an ophthalmology student, I am an optometry student. Yet, the contents are relevant and useful. Thank you

Comment by benasir — January 5, 2015

I can not thank you enough for your kindness and for all the effort that you have put in. You will always be in my heart everytime I look into a patient’s eyes.

You have changed my life in ophthalmology aspect.

May you continue the good work and may God bless you.

Comment by Ryu — April 15, 2015

I now join the legions who have discovered this ” secret of learning ophthalmology

One of my UWI ( Trinidad) optometry interns introduced me to this site, as I was looking for a way to help train our community DRS… in Basic EYE assessments

Keep the wonderful learning method going ..

Should anyone who finds this site ” suffer” anymore in ophthalmology/optometry ?I think not…


Comment by trinioptom — August 5, 2015

I came across your site while preparing a lecture on eye conditions for a group of GPs in training (in Australia). What a great site! I’m going to include it on the list of resources I recommend to them. Thank you.

Comment by Claire — September 8, 2015

Well done!! This is really easy to understand and has helped me a lot to learn more on anatomy. Many thanks.

Comment by Nabina — March 13, 2016

Thx Dr. Tim Root, I am a new resident of ophthalmology, I am so happy for your kindness to share your knowledge to us!

Comment by Eddie Lam — April 7, 2016

thnku tim Root. ilove ur lectures ur r doing exxcelllent workk mayy God bless u more n mor forver .

Comment by Kaval — June 3, 2016

Thank you! I’m a medical student in Vancouver, and this was a great review before my ophtho rotation

Comment by Max — August 29, 2016

I cannot begin to describe how amazing you are. Thankyou so much, Sir. Your effort is well appreciated. :)

Comment by Anjali Kumari — November 21, 2016

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