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Book Chapters (and more)

Here are the individual chapters

Chapter 1: History and Physical
Formats: HTML, PDF, and Video
Exam techniques for the non-Ophthalmologist and how to write a proper ophtho-note.
Chapter 2: Basic Eye Anatomy
Formats: HTML, PDF, and Video
Everything from eyelids, cornea, retina, and musculature
Chapter 3: Glaucoma
Formats: HTML, PDF, and Video
Open versus closed-angle glaucoma and how to treat them.
Chapter 4: Retina and Diabetic Retinopathy
Formats: HTML, PDF, and Video
Learn more about this leading cause of blindness and the lasers we use to treat it.
Chapter 5: Eye Infections
Formats: HTML, PDF, and Video
Common eye infections including pink-eye, herpes, chlamydia, blepharitis, and AIDS retinopathy.
Chapter 6: Neurology
Formats: HTML and PDF
Learn the extra-ocular muscle movements, optic neuritis, and temporal arteritis.
Chapter 7: Pediatrics
Formats: HTML and PDF
Kids are tough to examine! Learn about amblyopia, strabismus, leukocoria, and shaken baby.
Chapter 8: Trauma
Formats: HTML and PDF
The bread-and-butter eye injuries you’ll see on a daily basis and in the emergency room.
Chapter 9: Optics
Formats: HTML and PDF
Learn how we check vision and prescribe optics. Astigmatism, presbyopia … it’s all here!
Chapter 10: Lens and Cataracts
Formats: HTML and PDF
All about the lens and how cataract surgery is performed.

Extra Stuff

Here are some additional resources you may find valuable in your studies.

Review Questions
Multiple choice board questions based upon the book.

Online Flashcards!
Over 120 short questions, drawn from our book, broken down by subject and readable online!

There are a ton of abbreviations used in ophthalmology. Here is an exhaustive list we’ve compiled to decode your eye-notes.

Recommended Ophthalmology books
Here are some ophtho-books that I’ve read that I think you’ll find most useful in your studies.

Other Online Resources
These are my favorite online sites for ophthalmology. These include atlas sites full of eye pathology and free mp3 audio lectures.


thanks a lot. i think it very helpful

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I was afraid of eyes until I saw them in all their glory thanks to your book. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King! Looking forward to more videos…

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Wow, i wish postgraduate studies were that easy. Especially when you have no one to teach you.

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Great book, explain things in a very creative way, simple and interesting.

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This is a great resource. As a future ophthalmologist I really appreciate the quick intro and the pimp questions are awesome.

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This is indeed great!!! It is updated, easily understood and not boring to read. The illustrations give a clear picture of what it wants to convey and it is very educational. Congratulations Dr. Tim Root!!!!

Comment by Josephine Brillantes — June 11, 2010

Thanks for these lessons

Comment by Vibol — August 30, 2010

Many thanks, a quick viewing of your videos and I was able to make useful assessments of patients and fend off the standard grilling on my ophthal rotation. Received a bunch of compliments and was repeatedly mistaken for a resident – if they only knew!

Comment by Alex Craven — September 16, 2010

these videos helped me very much thanks to u sir

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Very useful! Puts a lot of things in perspective for Med-students! Just wondering when you get the time for all this when you are a full-time Ophthalmologist.
God bless!

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it is really wonderful……… any medical student should see that. thanks a lot.

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im from argentina and im starting like ophthalmopedriatric resident. this is the best way to get trough this amazing world called ophthalmology.

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First of all many many thanks to TIM for his outstanding help to medical students and professionals. thanks to Eye teachers assosiation for sponsoring this site.. i found it extremly helpful in preparation for my optholmology paper.. may God bless u.

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what is csm in visual acuity

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and what is csum in visual acuity

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This is a brilliant website :) everything is well explained

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Comment by sangeeta choudhary — April 1, 2012

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this website is absolutely fantastic.

what are some ways that we can support what you do?

Comment by Chris — June 6, 2012

Just Amazing! I Learned more from Dr. Root than I did in my entire ophthalmology rotation. Just wish I knew about this site and the book before my rotation. I will buy the book as I think it’s great resource and will recommend my medical school to encourage students to buy this book.

Thank you Dr. Root!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i am an Egyptian medical student, and as we good lecturers as you dr Root, i really appreciate ur work, thank u very much, but i hope to see another lecture on cataract regarding the disease, pathogenesis and types.
thank you very much :)

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A med student from the Netherlands here. We havent had any ophthalmology but were expected to study it ourselves. Now i have my internships in it, and this looks incredibly helpful, in a fun and easy way. Way more accesible and fun than reading some books. (although that is always needed ofcourse).

Thank you very, very much!

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Can’t believe entire chapter of the book have been provided here free of charge!
May God bless you!

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I’m a fan! I enjoy reading and reading, its easy to understand and with a big smile! :-D

But i’d wish to read something or everything about “Dry Eye”. Thanks a lot!

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Very simple lectures

Comment by Dr.Zahra — March 3, 2015

First of all, I must tell you you are incredible, your courses your videos.. everything is just so helpful and informative. I have been studying for my exams using your online video lectures. I liked the slit lamb one because I was the worst among my classmates and now I am perfect in using it.
I thank you for having your time to spread your knowledge. And I wanna ask where can I get your videos, I want them to have them with me whenever I want.
Thank again, and I will always be thankful for your aid.

Comment by Sara — May 13, 2015

OMG, I can’t thank you enough, you are an absolute genius, thank you SO MUCH … I love ophthalmology because of you, the book was a masterpiece, in love with all the videos you have made … you are an ophthalmology legend Dr.

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Very easy to understand.

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Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina

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I’m from India and if your book was available here I would have definitely purchased it.

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Much love from Alexandria, Egypt ^^

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