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Online Flashcards!
Over 120 short questions, drawn from our book, broken down by subject and readable online!

There are a ton of abbreviations used in ophthalmology. Here is an exhaustive list we’ve compiled to decode your eye-notes.

Recommended Ophthalmology books
Here are some ophtho-books that I’ve read that I think you’ll find most useful in your studies.

Other Online Resources
These are my favorite online sites for ophthalmology. These include atlas sites full of eye pathology and free mp3 audio lectures.


thanks i had a test(short notice) and needed a crash program(not recomended)and your book did just that it was concise and straight to the point filled with facts and easy explanations

Comment by kenneth — January 9, 2008

Hi, all the way from South Africa.
Writting ophthalmic assistant exam soon and while searching for review q&a found you book. Although I’m not a medical student or ophthalmologist, I found all you info real handy and very insightful. Will be a big asset in my exam prep.
Awesome & excellent, keep up the good work!!

Comment by Louise H — July 21, 2008

hi, all the way from Philippines. i’m planning to undergo residency training in ophthalmology and needed some resources. thank you so much for this website. it helped me a lot. God Bless and more power

Comment by bogs — July 30, 2008

iam from india.doing my clinical practice.
iam preparing for post graduate entrance..
ur services r so great .it helps me a lot.
thanks a lot sir

Comment by kanee — September 19, 2008

thanks ..
i am a medical student ..
this book is sooo great … it saved my life
thanks again 🙂

Comment by dr — January 28, 2009

thanking will make this book a minor level help but its human nature thnk you sir ,,beleive me sir in my opinion its a best and most insightful resource available on internet and that also absolutely free,myself a final yr medico,

Comment by tanman — May 15, 2009

realy nice to learn

Comment by dr.aslam — February 19, 2010

thanks u so much doctor … may God help u as u help other 🙂
saudi arabia .. mecca

Comment by ziad — June 6, 2010

This`is`great for ophthalmic assistants who are beginners! I’ve been in this field for eight years and I learned alot from this site. Thanks Doctor!

Comment by Jenny — June 11, 2010

i like this book and ill hope to pass ophthalmo exam and thanks

Comment by ahmed — June 29, 2010

You guys are Awesome! Medical student from Dominican Republic, thanks for breaking it down. This site was recommended by a resident in my rotation its been a Godsent Keep up the good work

Comment by Samuel — July 31, 2010

I am from Poland.
I am student a Optometry student in Wroclaw,

Comment by Tom — October 8, 2010

This book is ideal for an iPod Touch or iPhone application. I’d pay up to $10 for this. With time, drawings could be accompanied with photographs of real cases thus making it more valuable.

Comment by Roberto Bueno — November 11, 2010

How many of types optic nerv atrophy?

Comment by Salem — December 6, 2010

this website awesome

and your explanation very useful

thanx a lot

Comment by mone — January 22, 2011

its really helpful..thnx

Comment by rutba — March 22, 2011

An absolutely excellent resource for medical students. Simply delivered, yet comprehensive and with humour thrown in to make it all the more enjoyable. It’s just a shame such resources aren’t available for other disciplines.

Your hard work is greatly appreciated

Comment by Paul Robinson — March 30, 2011

All the way from sunny Scotland Thanks Passed all my exams Book is great fun

Comment by rosko — March 30, 2011

I am a brazilian ophthalmology professor, and I found your website is fantastic! i recommended for my students! great!

Comment by marcelo sobrinho — May 7, 2011

very help helf full and full of knowlge ilike it so much

Comment by sajjad — May 11, 2011

very good book thanks

Comment by zahraa — May 23, 2011

Hello from your neighbor to the north. THIS WEBSITE ROCKS. I’m taking my ophthalmic assistant exam and the textbook provided leaves me asking a lot of questions. Your website has been an essential resource in my studies and I thank you so much that it’s available to everyone. AMERICANS ROCK!!!!

Comment by Graham — July 3, 2011

Grazie per questa bella risorsa..

Comment by Beekham — August 23, 2011

Mi ha aiutata molto. dal Giappone, grazie

Comment by try again — September 21, 2011

hi, nice book and very usefull question, go on

Comment by m.mahayni MD — October 10, 2011

these matter is awesome please make similar ones for other medical subjectsssssss

Comment by anvesh — December 9, 2011

hi from israel!
i’m studying optometry and this is a great website! thanks for all your help

Comment by random — January 27, 2012

Hey from Sultanate of Oman..

I just started my very short 3 week rotation of ophthalmology and luckily bumped into your book and website..

I am so inpsired =)

Comment by Muhammad — August 5, 2012

Thank you for putting together this website! What a great way to learn. I have used your videos to help me impress my boss 😉

Comment by Amanda from Germany — August 28, 2012

I am so thankful for you and this sight 🙂 you have helped me so much during our ophtha rotation 🙂 I even recommended this sight to my fellow junior interns 🙂 God bless!

Comment by jcqlnmarcos — October 10, 2012

I am albanian and i want to learn more about ophthalmology…!!

Comment by besmir15 — January 5, 2013

I always look forward to the videos and education! Thank you very much!!

Comment by Krysta — February 13, 2013

Where are the board review questions? Also, not sure if you still manage the site, but organizing the flashcards either in a printable format or using an electronic format where you can skip to the next card would be better than continuously pressing the back button.

Comment by mike — February 28, 2013

I’m planning on going into Ophthalmology after I receive my Associates and I think it’s best to get a head start learning about the field. I found your website yesterday after watching some videos on Youtube and I already feel like I’ve learned so much. Thanks for your dedication and God bless!

Comment by Lana — March 14, 2013

I’m a medical student from the Caribbean (Trinidad & Tobago)..the book and the videos made ophthalmology so much easier to understand and grasp. Thanks a million.

Comment by Sonia — April 2, 2013

I’m studying for my skill test to become a COT and this materials are awesome!!!! You explain everything so easy!!!!

Comment by Vanessa — June 5, 2013

awesome videos……very conceptual.

Comment by csyma — June 29, 2013

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