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Eye Exam Tricks

This video discussed advanced eye tricks you can perform on those “difficult” patients (malingerers, neuro disorders, and myasthenia gravis). This was recorded at an ophthalmic tech conference several years ago, but I’ve recently updated the slide-graphics and cleaned up the audio. Enjoy.

length: 15:31 minutes

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TwentyEyeTricks.m4v (124 MB)


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The techniques for confirming fictitious blindness are discussed, including the handoff and shake.

The optokinetic drum and flag are used. Most people believe that your vision must be 20/200 or better to see optokinetic nystagmus.

Finger touch proprioception testing is shown. The pinhole PAM (potential acuity meter) test is then demonstrated (very useful before cataract surgery).

The entoptic phenomenon (Troxler fading or Purkinje effect) is shown. Then pencil field testing to determine macular sparing lesions.

Myasthenia Gravis can be detected with the upgaze test. The ice-pack rest test is shown as well.

Determining the dominant eye before surgery with the "ocular dominance test"



Its wonderful very vital info thanks so much

Comment by Anil Ratnayake — August 13, 2009

I can only watch 5minutes after which it really slows down and becomes jerky :s

Loving what I have seen soo far

Thank you very much for sharing, your the best.

Comment by Sarah — August 13, 2009

seen it all now just took a lot of time to load. Thank you soo very much

Comment by Sarah — August 13, 2009

Appricated the video
-Holden McGroin
Krotch City, KS

Comment by Holden McGroin — August 14, 2009

ahh i have a crush!

Comment by K rush — September 1, 2009

Hi Dr. Root, can you please post the other two videos as well? I love your teaching style.

Comment by Neil — October 2, 2009

excellent work
I need your permission to use your anatomy video in my class at the ophthalmology department, faculty of medicine, Cairo university, Egypt.
I must congratulate you on the innovation, dedication and your teaching style. very inspiring indeed.
wishing you all the best and thank you.

Comment by Amanne Esmael — October 3, 2009


Comment by arpitha — November 8, 2009

hey doc, amazing videos———could you please post the other two videos ???

Comment by qwerty — November 8, 2009

Great video- thanks! You have an excellent gift for teaching. I believe the photoptic phenomenon you mentioned is called the troxler effect.

Comment by Matt Morrison — February 23, 2010

I just find this amazying website. But unfortunately, I can not watch “Eye Exam Tricks”, there is no video displaying on the website, why?

Comment by wang — April 11, 2010

I’m looking forward to buy your book in order tu support your hard work.

All the stuff published here is extremely useful, and i really aprecciate it.

Thanks to all the people who made this!

Comment by Diego — May 24, 2010


Comment by Stefano — October 7, 2010

happy way for studing

Comment by dr sunil zanak — December 16, 2010

good job

Comment by feras mohdor — December 18, 2010

many thnx ur way is amazing thnx

Comment by mah — December 29, 2010

thaaaaaaaanks to much

Comment by ali — December 31, 2010

Goooood job. Excellent doctor.

Comment by philantoo — February 24, 2011

More grease 2 ur elbow.u’re doin gr8t. It’s educative,informative etc.thanks

Comment by Dr kenneth — June 22, 2011

Need some contact lens lectures,….

Comment by Sakar — September 7, 2011

Dr. you know your truly great! I wish your one of my professor you did an excellent teaching skills, its easy to understand and remembered. Your videos really really help me a lot, for me your much easier to understand than books..Please post more videos in the future. I’m so happy to find your website. :) thanks a millions….. keep up the truly helpful works.

Comment by Sheila — September 7, 2011

Excellent Work snd
very Informative.

Comment by Dr.Moazzam Khan — September 8, 2011

thank u so much sir for making download possible. u r great. heartly thank u…

Comment by lovely — September 8, 2011

i love your lectures and your teaching style
i have given the presentation on anatomy of eye and retinoscopy in my clss room in front of my all senoir teachers and i got help from your lactures.
my all teachers liked my presentation and i got fully marks how i tell that to which extent i was happy just sying thank u de tim root thanks a lot.
uzma sattar
2nd yr optometry student
king edward medical college

Comment by uzma — September 9, 2011

God bles u.just that some of ur videos are not found in vuclip.com for blackbery users

Comment by Kenneth — September 30, 2011

i got ur work thru access vuclip video but slit lamp and eye tricks cant be found there.the youtube video cracks.pls try and do something,love ur work.

Comment by dr kenneth — November 4, 2011

Pls put it in Vuclip,reply me

Comment by dr kenneth — November 4, 2011

love it! Amazing, it’s so easy to learn a lot from your lessons!and have a fun as well…

Comment by Saida — January 18, 2012

muito muito bom esses videos,nã0 falo ingles mas consigo entender muita coisa.tem alguma versão desse site em portugues?obrigado

Comment by joão moura — January 28, 2012

i love all your lectures n videos.., if u come to CHENNAI i’ll surely meet u up:):):):):)

Comment by C.REENA — June 24, 2012

i love all your lectures n good effort
.., if u come to CHENNAI i’ll surely meet u up:):):):):)

Comment by C.REENA — June 24, 2012

U have truely amazing teaching skills Dr. Root sir! ophthalmology was never so easy ..will definetely buy your book as appreciation and respect! Please do visit India ..

Comment by Arun Dudani — May 13, 2013

need pdf

Comment by yasir arafat — July 11, 2013

A great blog and an amazing teaching style.

Comment by drarvindkumar.com — August 12, 2014

Great lecture. Thanks a lot.

Comment by Rea — December 31, 2014

Need PDF…

Comment by vignesh — June 6, 2015

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