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Pediatric Eye Exam (Video)

This lecture discusses the problems with the pediatric eye exam and gives tips on how to overcome them. Given live to a local ophthalmic tech conference, this is a short and light-hearted presentation that you should enjoy.

length: 10:25 minutes

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PediatricExamTips.m4v (87 MB)


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This video discusses the difficulty with checking vision in pre-verbal children.

Fix and follow vision is often the best we can get.

Retinoscopy is the technique to estimate glasses prescription based on how the corneal light reflex moves. We’ll talk more about this in the next lecture.

APD checking in a child is no different, but we need to acustom the child to the light first.

Bupthalmos (cow eye) is an enlarged cornea seen in children with congenital

The scleral wall is elastic in children, and high pressures physically stretch the eye.

Stickers are very useful for grabbing a child’s attention when looking at eye movement problems.

The Hirshburg test utilizes the corneal reflex to estimate ocular alignment.

The Krimsky test is the opposite, where you hold up prisms until the corneal light reflex looks back to normal.

Slit-lamp exam in kids is hard.

Eyelid speculum is sometimes necessary for the best view of the retina.

Dilated fundus exam is tricky. Turn your light low, the room lights off, and try not to wake the kid.



I can’t c the moovie!!!

Comment by EYAL — November 3, 2010

Hilarious yet informative! Loved this video!

Comment by Tom — November 7, 2010

thank you doctor

Comment by feras mohdor — December 18, 2010

thanks doctor ! …I like it !

Comment by Bichminh — January 9, 2011

realy great, thank you in deed

Comment by Laila — January 25, 2012

i cant see the movie and really want to
i love this site it is so informative and very well done – humorous always helps Thank you!

Comment by nilu — February 14, 2012

thank u doctor and ophthobooks

Comment by Dr Sarfraz — August 12, 2012

The funniest video I’ve ever seen, but I did learn! Thank you

Comment by Lisa — August 12, 2012

I like the video very much. it is informative.

Comment by manjiri keskar — April 29, 2013

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