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Acids and Bases Eye (Image)

Acid Base Eye
This experiment tests whether acids or bases will cause more tissue damage to the eye. I’ve filled the right glass with 95% sulfuric acid and the left sodium hydroxide (lye).

Acid versus Base
After dipping these pig eyes in the chemicals, the base causes much more damage … liquefying the tissue and destroying the globe.

Base tissue damage
After a few more minutes of base burn, the scleral wall has mostly broken down. You can see the dark uveal tissue (retina, choroid) and the internal lens in the middle.

Acid Base Injury
It’s quite obvious here that the base has caused more damage than the acid … the eye on the right has only suffered from surface layer acidic cooking.

This screenshots are directly from our "exploding eye" lecture. If you’d like to see this chemical experiment in full-motion video, you might want to watch it here or on youtube.

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What was the soaking time for each eye in this experiment?

Comment by ben — August 31, 2015

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