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Gun Penetrating Eye Injuries (Image)

Balloon Bed of Nails
When estimating the damage created by a projectile (bb gun, paintball, airsoft pellet) … the penetrating power of these items must be considered. After all, a single nail can easily pop a balloon with little force. Make that 100 nails, however, and you have a different proposition.

Penetration Testing - Tin Can
I then test each of the guns on tin cans and tomatoes to test their penetrating power. Despite its low kinetic energy, the steel bb gun penetrates the best.

Penetration Testing - Pig Eye
To to test the penetrating power of these guns, I placed a pig eye in this skull model, and shoot it with each weapon.

BB gun eye inury
The BB gun penetrates through the cornea with no problem at all, with extremely gory results.

Airsoft Eye Injury
Airsoft pellets do NOT penetrate through the cornea … even when shot on full automatic.

Paintball eye injury
The paintball completely destroys the eye. Like hitting the eye with a hammer, the globe explodes.

These images were captured directly from our video lecture: The Exploding Eye. If you’d like to see these experiments in full motion video, you might want to check it out.

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