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Question: How do you evaluate a patient with suspected open-globe?

Answer: Cover the eye with an eye-shield and take him to the operating room for further evaluation. The key here is that you don’t want to apply any pressure to the eye, as you’ll extrude the ocular contents. This means that you don’t force the eyelids open, you don’t check pressure, and you ask anesthesia to paralyze and perform a gentle induction in the OR.

Things you can do: get a CT scan to evaluate the globe-shape and lens position. Control pain, and spend a lot of time consenting the patient for surgery, especially the possibility that the eye may need to be removed depending upon the damage.

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This is amongst the pearls for doctors to have. Catastrophic for a patient in this situation, if his or her attending don`t have this.

Comment by ria cevangelista — January 13, 2012

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