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Question: What are the “three vital signs” of ophthalmology?

Answer: The three “vital signs” are vision, pupil, and eye pressure. These three measurements are of prime importance and are also the first three things you check at the beginning of the exam. All three of these measurements change once you dilate the eyes.


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Comment by Lakshmi — January 14, 2011

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Comment by drbillal — June 9, 2011

This website is great, very helpful. More than my language capacity to describe. Thank you so much.

Comment by Tracy Dou — May 3, 2012

Sir, A middle aged average Indian’s pupil is rather small, even the autorefractometer show error in reading, but this not the case in females and children. Please explain.

Comment by Anant — August 8, 2012

Some Ophthalmologist include check the EOM and Confrontation fields as part of the “vital signs” also

Comment by gregg — November 10, 2013

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Comment by Abdullah — May 11, 2016

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