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Question: What holds the lens in place?

Answer: The lens is held in place by zonules. These zonules are arranged around the periphery of the lens like the springs on a trampoline.


I just had cataract replaced. Never thought to look up information before, since Dr Yassin is well qualified. This book is fantastic. Explains through analogies… Who doesn’t know M&M. Thank you. Very well written. Easily understood. Good clear diagrams as well.

Comment by Peggy — June 18, 2013

I just had an IOL put in today. I heard my surgeon explain to an observer that he was ‘polishing’ and that it was wonderful how much material he could remove. It looked like a microscopic squeegee going up and down in the bright light I was staring into. He must have been working on the lens case before slipping in the IOL. Your explanation helps it to all make sense!
And my vision is already 20/20 in that eye. A modern miracle!

Comment by Melissa Searcy — October 25, 2013

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