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Question: What is endophthalmitis and how do you get it?

Answer: Endophthalmitis is when an infection forms INSIDE the eye. This is a big deal, as the internal eye is mostly fluid filled and quickly turn into a giant abscess. Plus, the retina is a sensitive structure and can get chewed up easily.

Signs of endophthalmitis include hypopion and hazy anterior chamber/vitreous.


Will endophthalmitis cause optic nerve excitations? I have a flaming light image in one eye, that is seen with the eye open or closed. No doctor has been able to explain this conditions, which has worsened over the last 1-1/2 years, since express shunt surgery for glaucoma.

Comment by russ rutke — March 7, 2010

I have had Cataract surgery and still have a problem with a film being on my eye. I am using a product called MURO 128. My surgery was about four months ago. I have a little bit of light flashing but not much. This is in only my right eye. the left is fine.What can I expect in the future.

Comment by Joe Bell — June 26, 2010

The optic nerve in both my eyes are completely damage due to Bells Palsey. I had Bells Palsey in high school in 1960 and I used to have a zig zag light near my left eye and like a net of black spots on my right eye but it all left thank God and with out medicine. I still get pains across my left eye. Will anything happen to my eyes because of the damage optic nerves? Can my eyes get worse?

Comment by Betty Whalen — June 27, 2010

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Comment by SAFI SAR — December 2, 2014

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