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Question: What is the surgical approach when sewing up lid-margin lacerations?

Answer: The key for sewing up eyelids is good cosmesis. You want the lid lashes to align properly and to avoid notching. There are many ways of sewing up the eyelid, but probably the best way is to start by placing a silk suture at the lid margin for good alignment, before sewing the rest of the laceration.

You can think of the eyelid as having two parts: the anterior lamella (composed of skin and orbicularis muscle) and a posterior lamella (the tarsal place and inner palpebral conjunctiva). You want to close each of these layers … such as placing a matress suture to oppose the tarsus and simple interrupted sutures for the skin and muscle.


hello,my name is indri…i’m ophthalmology resident in Kariadi hospital,semarang indonesia…..
i think this book is very atractive & it make us more easer to understanding the topic…

Comment by indri — December 24, 2010

i am a cataract surgeon based in kenya,there is a lot of useful material in your articles.

Comment by Harriet Kavere — May 13, 2011

i m an undergraduate….thanks

Comment by mithun k unni — September 2, 2011

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