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Question: What’s a normal eye pressure?

Answer: Normal eye pressure is usually considered 10 to 21 mmHg.

Despite this being the “normal” range, there are many people with pressures of 22-28 that we describe as ocular hypertension who don’t seem to manifest any glaucoma damage. Also, there are many people with pressures under 21 who develop glaucoma.

Thus, you have to look at the “big picture” when determining if an eye pressure is “normal.”


sorry i think normal eye pressure is 18 to 26 mmhg. thanks

Comment by fadi — August 13, 2009

Nope, it’s 10 – 21 as stated here.

Comment by admin — August 13, 2009

Obviously it’s easy to say “sorry i think normal eye pressure is 18 to 26 mmhg. thanks” or “Nope, it’s 10 – 21 as stated here.”… but where is your data to back up what your stating? Without some hard evidence to back up what either have stated is fracken bull$hit from both parties and helps no one! I will search it out and get back here in a few weeks with some viable answers to this important question, some of us need to know and are looking for an honest answer.

Comment by William G Lasngendoen, Sui Juris — January 16, 2010

calm down honey…. its true normal IOP is 10-21 mmHg… almost all books!!!

Comment by Patchintero — January 30, 2010

i think it 10-24 mm-Hg this is normal pressure for eye

Comment by abboud — April 26, 2010

My eye pressure is 18 in both eyes and I am being treated for glaucoma. The doctor just raised the number of drops to five a day of two medications. My husband is very concerned and wants to rush me off to Mayo or the eye clinic in Salt Lake City. How concerned should I be about all of this?

Comment by Jeanne Mace — November 11, 2011

Glaucoma is usually high pressure inside the eye that damages the optic nerve and can result in permanent vision loss. Normal-tension glaucoma (also called low-tension glaucoma) is a unique condition in which optic nerve damage and vision loss have occurred despite a normal pressure inside the eye

Comment by Marina — March 30, 2012

Normal eye pressure is 10 to 21 MMHG

Comment by Marina — March 30, 2012

I have high pressure in both eyes and its messure 18 and 19 is this normal. By the way always my doctor say to me its high but its normal in your eye becuase every thing behind the eyes are normal.

Comment by raad — April 24, 2012

My eye pressures were 28 and 24 before surgery 12mths and 6 mths ago now 7 isnt this on the low side

Comment by Raymo — April 26, 2012

Can any body tell me whether eye lubricant drops for dry eye may cause clogging up and elevate the eye pressure?

Comment by Jack — May 31, 2012

I just got a cataract removed and my eye pressure is 40.
She gave me some drops to take , hope it works.

Comment by Jeff — July 26, 2012

My eye presure was 25 by 20, The left was 25 and the right was 20. i had a leaser operation about 1mth now
My pressure has gone down to 16 and 10. on the left eye i use Timolo eye drop 0.22% w/v every morning
I hope i have helped

Comment by junior — August 16, 2012

Eye pressure between 48 and 51. What can happen?

Comment by Beatrice de beer — November 13, 2012

hi, my eye pressure is 24 (for left), and 26 (for right).

I’ve got a suspision for glaucoma, but I’m only 22. I work at computer (8 hours daily). I heard that it is common for people over 50.

Is there any possibility that I could develop glaucoma?

Comment by Sarvinoz — November 29, 2012

It’s 13-20… my source is JCAHPO

Comment by facts — December 26, 2012

I have 21 and 23 on my eyes as pressure, what drops can i use please, am 62yrs.

Comment by Bernard — January 9, 2013

I just had surgery yesterday, my previous pressure was 20 in my left eye, day after surgery is now 6. I had to have surgery since i exhausted all medications and lazer surgery. Just a precaution after using Timlol for 3 years it created a heart issue for me. The correct pressure is up to each individual, at 17 I start to loose more area of sight. My daughters is good in the mid twenties. I hope this helps

Comment by Yvette — January 29, 2013

i am 23 years girl. i have 29 and 34 on my eyes as pressure, can i get the details of problems with that

Comment by asha — February 11, 2013

Hi, this is all new to me. Had my eye check today because I have a bit of aching in left eye. Eye pressures came back 18 and 28, had puffer test first, and then had second test with drops and something touching my eye. Is 28 a cause of concern? Optician said it could be a thick cornea, but main concern was the 10 difference between each eye. Being referred to hospital for further tests.

Comment by marie — February 12, 2013

Hi. I’m a 47 years old, and I just saw the eye doctor. I’ve been having some trouble with my right eye….aching, redness, extremely blurry vision. He said that I have a fast-growing cataract that is ready to be removed. Back in August, I had an eye exam and there was no sign of a cataract. In addition, I now have a pressure reading of 25 in each eye. Last August, it was 16 in my left eye and 19 in my right eye. He’s referred me to a surgeon. I’m just wondering, does that mean I have glaucoma, since it’s risen as much as it has? Thanks for any advice.

Comment by Brenda — February 25, 2013

my feft eye pressure is 38 my right eye is 28 very bead headaches affecting my vision in my left eye

Comment by angie — February 28, 2013

the pressure behind my eye is 20. and the doctors said that i need to get treated. im only 11, and i need some helpfull advise on how i can get better :( im really scared :( :(

Comment by farah — March 4, 2013

@farah, don’t be scared! You need to talk to your parents and your eye doc, not to anonymous people on the internet.

Eye doctors are very good at treating all sorts of problems and as long as IOP is treated with drops, you’ll be fine. the trick is to follow what the doc says, and take the drops when they tell you to. If you do that, you’ll be fine and will have good eyes for a very long time :-)

Comment by menilman — March 16, 2013

The pressure in my left eye was 30 n 26 in the right,my left eye has bn affected with glaucoma has the eye no longer sees lik the left,the doctors suspected glaucoma and operated the right eye first.I’m yet to do the left eye bcos the right is just 2months,now the vision in the right here which has bn helping the left eye is yet to go back to its former state,I’m stil photo densitive n can’t see distance object clearly yet…nw d pressure is 8 and 18 for the right n left eye respectively…pls any help…I’m just 28yrs

editor: adeshina, you’re problem is too specific and complex to adequately answer online. You need to see an ophthalmologist and speak to them personally about your eye problems and future prognosis.

Comment by adeshina — March 17, 2013

I have been told that my eye pressure is 8 in one eye and 9 in then other. Is there a danger with being this low?

Comment by Renee — March 26, 2013

I visited my optician in March 2013 and via the puff test was given a reading of 23. They sent me off to the consultant at my local hospital who after putting in drops told me today (May) that the reading was 18 in both eyes and fine.

Apparently the readings you can get from an optician can be way out because of the way the test is performed.

Comment by Chris — May 10, 2013

Opticians use 2 types of puff testers, this morning my readings were 21 in each eye, usually 17, but optician explained she had to use the old larger tester ,the one with the red circle to look at and you can feel the puff on the eyeball. She had mislaid the newer tester which is small and one cannot feel the puff. said the old testers always give a larger reading than the newer and I was not to worry. Perhaps you had the older larger puff tester,

Comment by Maylyn — May 11, 2013

My left eye is 22 and right eye 25 , I’m using eye drops for glaucoma .

Comment by Elizabeth — June 18, 2013

My pressure was 78 I needed intravenous to bring it down to17,very distressing(this was following surgery) 2nd operation resulted in it going up again but this time I had tablets.after this I had another op to drill holes which has been effective

Comment by P Byres — June 21, 2013


Comment by Ali — July 10, 2013

Went to have my eyes checked for the first time, my eye pressure was high 34 & 28, so my Optometrist set me to a specialist. He said that there was no nerve damage, if there was, that would be the first sign of Glaucoma which is non reversible. He gave me a prescription for eye drops, one drop per eye to be taken before bed time. One month later, eyes checked 28 & 21, continuing with eye drops one month later, 23 & 18. Going to be checked again in a month normal is between 10 & 21.

Comment by John — July 16, 2013

I’m 28. I was diagnosed with glaucoma at 15. I’m slowly losing my vision and my optic nerves are slowly damaging throughout the years. The doctors don’t want to operate because i’m young. I feel like i’m going blind.

My current pressure is 8 in the left eye and 35 in the right.

According to my experience with glaucoma, Any pressure higher that 20 is of concern… don’t neglect it

Comment by lala — July 18, 2013

I’ve just gone thru Ahmed Tube Implant last Monday. What is the risk of the following operation….?
Need more info and advise in regards to this Ahmed Tube Implant.
Thank you.

Comment by Agus — July 19, 2013

I’m 15, I went to the eye doctor and both my eyes are at 25. Going back in a month for more information. He said there wasn’t an damage to my nerves.

Comment by Moore70168 — July 22, 2013

Doctor’s test show I have glaucoma in my left eye but my pressure is normal, 10. What good is it to use the drops
if all they do is bring down the pressure in your eye?

Comment by Donna Weldon — August 5, 2013

hello,its vikas frm India doing mbbs,i m confusd abt complications of RE,wil u plz explain me

Comment by dr.vk0123 — August 16, 2013

I’ve been under the care of an opthalmalogist for 2 years. Pressure of both eyes started at 18/ open angle. After 1 yr. on .5%(1 drop once a day) of Istalol and Lazer surgery to put a pinhole in each eye, my pressure is holding at 24 for 8 months. Field of vision test is normal (no changes). I need a second opinion because my Doctor now wants to up my prescription to Dorzol/Timol .5%(1 drop twice a day) to try to lower pressure to 21. My concern is side effects. I have ostiopenia (taking Boniva) I’m 60, an ex-smoker of 30 yrs. and I don’t like taking medication of any sort if I can help it, especially one that can affect my heart. Your opinion? Sincerely…

Comment by Pat Hatfield — August 22, 2013

I’m 17 and I got my eyes checked today Is it normal that I have 26 in n left and 25 in my right eye.My grandma had glaucoma and I’m Hispanic. I won’t get tested till 2 weeks but should I be concerned

Comment by Martina — August 23, 2013

I have read the comments with interest, I have had Glaucoma for some 24 years and luckily I have been attending Moorfields Eye hospital in London all that time. My pressures fluctuate between 14 and 20, the condition is kept in check with eye drops prescribed by the hospital. I was referred to the hospital by my optician following the pressure test as the optic nerve was being touched by the eyeball in my right eye. Do not mess around with opticians if you feel that your situation is worrying you – go to the eye hospital near you for they are the experts and will give you the best treatment that you personally require. I wish you all well, but, take action NOW.

Comment by George — September 3, 2013

My daughter has 25 and 25.5 as her eye pressure readings. She is only 11 years old. Her eye doctor suggests a review in a week’s time, and has not yet placed her on any medications. I’d love to receive any useful advice, please. Can d use of wrong eye-glasses cause this? She’s rather too tender.

Comment by oby nnamocha — September 12, 2013

My eye pressure is 22, but there is no damage in either eye. Ophthalmologist measured my corneal thickness, and told me that my thicker corneas are probably skewing the readings. The thicker corneas tend to make pressure readings appear higher than they actually are. Might be worth checking out. Conversely, thinner corneas make the readings appear lower than thy actually are.

Comment by Linda — September 13, 2013

I recently went to the doctor had a eye exam they sent me home with glasses they later told me my pressure was 13in 14 is that good or bad?

Comment by lonitha — September 18, 2013

I learned back in 2006, or there abouts, that I do have, “Optic Nerve Cupping,” but after a whole series of teats to establish a BASELINE, and follow up for another 3 or so years, there was absolutely no change, and my eye pressure is always within limits, usually around 17/18. So it was determined that my eyes have probably appeared like that since birth. Now all of a sudden my Ophthalmologist AGAIN wanted to do a visual field test, but I felt it was just a money grab for the Medical centers bottom line since the GREAT RECESSION has decreased the center’s number of patients. So I used my VA Benefits, going there to be checked, and the Ophthalmologist there said that he could see how someone would think that I maybe had glaucoma by looking at the rear of my eyes, but he said I was fine, but they still ran ALL the tests to also establish a baseline, since I intend on using them from now on. Back in 2006, I called my PREVIOUS Optometrist that had seen me before he opened his own practice, asking him why he never sent me for those tests. He vaguely remembered me, but said that had he seen that in just one eye, he would have been concerned, but since both eyes were exactly the same, he wasn’t concerned saying that I was probably born like that, which was the conclusion AFTER all those costly tests back in 2006.

Comment by JazzAzz — September 19, 2013

I am 78 . Just had cataract surgery in right eye. Pressure was 21 before surgery and now it is 34. Is this normal after surgery?

Comment by Bob M. — September 24, 2013

I’m a 30 year old Black American female. I was diagnosed with Open Angle Glaucoma at the age of 10 (5th grade). As of 2 days ago, my IOP was 32 in the Left Eye and 30 in the Right Eye. I have Optic Nerve damage and have had it for years and have been using Timolol and Latanapost drops in both eyes. I use Timolol 2x a day. My peripheral vision is gone, it’s scary but regardless of everyone’s pressure reading, everyone is DIFFERENT. Always consult with YOUR OPHTHALMOLOGIST about your concerns because everyone’s answers are based on their experiences or someone else’s experience and the answer may not be the best for YOU.

Comment by Desiree — October 2, 2013

I have pressures between 22 – 24, I was referred to the hospital, who says my high levels are caused by a thick cornea.

Comment by Jan Smith — October 3, 2013

Thickness of the cornea is a factor and should be taken into account. My typical readings are between 22 and 24 however I have thick cornea’s hence less concern. The inverse can be true as well, if you have what is “normal” readings but thin corneas there could be a risk. I would suggest to anyone who is concerned that you find a good ophthalmologist and have the following done annually: 1. pressure test 2. visual field test and most importantly 3. HRT scan or similar imaging technology. The scan will take an image of the optic nerve to see it’s general health; doing so annually should track any subtle changes. I am 50 now and have been tracking for the last 15 years as I have a family history of glaucoma. No drops and no loss of peripheral vision (as shown by visual field tests). Hope this helps!

Comment by Steve — October 4, 2013

Has anyone used travatan? Any side effects?

Comment by Debbie — October 5, 2013

Hi, i am takeing steroid tablet mthyelpredisolone 16mg for 45 day and then 8mg for 10 day after this i stop. When useing thin some little pain in my head little pressure in my eye. now steroid stop but my problam is stay so i go to a eye docotor and tell him. Dr. Check my eye in tonometer my pressue is 20mm gh dr say it is borderline of glaucoma and it is risk to convert in glaucoma so hi prescribed me some eye drop after 3 day i go to anthor doctor hi check my pressure 19mm gh and say u have no glaucoma no risk and for pain and pressure hi give me eye drop i use last 10days but relif what can i do i am very very tension plz give suggestion.

Comment by Sonu — October 19, 2013

My age is 27 year old.

Comment by Sonu — October 19, 2013

Am 30yrs old, I have been using TRAVATAN as prescribed by my doctor for some time now to reduce the pressure that reads between 17 and 20sometimes. I was recently asked to skip for two weeks and it turns out 23 for both eyes. am just tired of eye drops all night and don’t know what to do???

Comment by Julian — October 29, 2013

hi..i got my iop tested in june that came as 20 n 20.5 in both eyes respectively..in oct came as 23.5 n 24.5..did perimetry,oct n hrt..inspite if them normal doc says early glaucoma..m shit scared..pls help

Comment by rhea — October 30, 2013

I was told today that my left eye is 36 and right is 32, yet the Dr. told me to wait 3 months and they will check it again. Does eye pressure go back down after it has risen? I went to the Dr. in the first place because I lost vision in my left eye for 14 hours, it was like someone was shinning a flash light straight in my left eye and it was a bright light which I could not see through or around for 14 hours. I am only 39 years old, I have astigmatism and have been wearing glasses from the age of 5. I am concerned that waiting 3 months will further damage my eye.

Comment by kim — October 31, 2013

I am an 86 year old man with a history or glaucoma. Using Latanaprost my Ophthalmologist has brought this to a stable 21 right eye and 20 left eye for the past couple of years. It should be noted that my right eye is blind from early trauma while my left one is perfect! I see him every 4 months for follow up testing so feel that my bases, at my age, are covered. He now wants to change my eye drops from Latanaprost to another eye drop in order to reduce the pressures into the therapeutic range and which I question because of my advanced years. Money also figures into the equation since I am on a limited fixed income where my multiple and varied medications are not covered by insurance. With this in mind, my Latanaprost costs me $6 a month and the new drops, I just found out, will cost $145 a month. Since I realistically can not afford his new prescription, my most obvious question is knowing all of the foregoing just what sort of danger am I in for losing any of my sight which I have not lost any of to now? If I do lose sight how fast will I lose it?

Comment by Bill — November 11, 2013

i went to see the doctor about a swelling on my left eye, and after diagnosis, he told me thats not a problem but my eye pressure is too high. he said the left one is 34 while the right is 38. i’m really concerned cause i don’t feel anything is wrong with my eye even the swelling is not painful just that its been there for months…..5 months to be exact.

Comment by oken — November 15, 2013

On 01 Nov. 2013, I was tested with eye pressure of 28 (Right Eye) and 26 (Left Eye) as I was feeling pain in my head and eyes. Doctor said I am having Primary Angle Closure (PAC) and diagnosed Ocular Hypertension. I do not have family history of Glaucoma. Doctor suggested to go for YAG PI . I have taken this Laser treatment. I am Feeling better.

However, sometime I feel headache if I talk or discuss something or work on Laptop. On 29 November doctor called me to check variation of eye pressure from morning till night.

Any suggestions to keep my pressure in normal range.

Comment by Surya — November 22, 2013

Eye pressure is only one indicator of Glaucoma or other eye problems. Mine never went over 25 but my optic nerve damage is bad; does not correlate with my eye pressure. Using Lumigan and Alphagan – my pressure is down to 17 but my optic nerve continues to deteriorate. For this reason and through much discussion, my doctor and I feel that my eye pressure should be lower (even though technically in the normal range). I had an SLT procedure a few weeks ago. The term Glaucoma is very broad and so is “normal” eye pressure to each.

Comment by Dbray — December 1, 2013

a question If a person has glaucoma and dosn’t take meds how many years would it take to be blind?

Comment by susan — December 8, 2013

“Has anyone used travatan? Any side effects?”

Yes, Travatan gave me very red eyes. The ophtalmo switched me to Xalatan, which didn’t have that side effect for me, and works exactly like Travatan (they’re in the same class of medications). Been on it for 10 years now.

Comment by Tony — December 16, 2013

I have pigmentary glaucoma. I was diagnosed at 35 and had probably had it for some time. My right eye’s pressure was 50 and my left eye was 40. Long story short I had laser eye surgery in both eyes right off the bat and dropped both pressures to the low 20’s with one drop in each eye in the AM.

I’m 42 now. I’ve been using a second drop for some time and my right eye pressure has increased slightly. I’ve repeated the laser surgery in the right eye and have already lost a small amount of periphrial vision in the right eye. My pressures are now around 17 and if they creep up, then its either trying a third kind of eye drop or surgery surgery where the vent tubes are created more aggressivly.

Timelines can’t determine when you will go “blind” It’s on a case by case basis. If you aren’t happy with what a doctor is telling you, get a second opinion! You do it with your car, don’t you?

Not all doctors “see” things the same way and prefer different treatments based on thier findings. Ask your doctor, “Did you graduate at the top of your class or at the end?”

Comment by Jeff — December 26, 2013

I’m a 25 female and I just had acute closed glaucoma and received surgery a month ago. My pressure was at 56 my dr said it should be 12-2…now with my tube it is at 4.

Comment by Vanessa — January 23, 2014

my son(22) had a recent check up has sensative eyes and eyes fluttered with puffer exam. pressures were 80 in right and 90 in left. Does fluttering eyes give poor results our family does have history of glaucoma

Comment by Lori Liston — January 30, 2014


My mother is getting treatment for Glaucoma operation in both eyes. Right eye is now fine. But the left eye is operated twice and still the pressure is fluctuating. Currently it ranges from 40 to 44.

Apart from the medical treatment, how can we reduce eye pressure. What will happen if it continues?

Expecting a serious answer.

Comment by Prakash — February 1, 2014

That pressure is way too high. The only way to decrease pressure is with drops, pills (oral diamox), laser and surgery. If the pressure stays this high, you can expect nerve damage and potentially permanent vision loss. These are questions best posed to your mother’s eye doctor, however, as that doctor knows the specifics of your mother’s case. Good luck!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — February 1, 2014

Got eye pressure took today 28 in both eyes. Have been referred to hospital. No other signs of glaucoma. Should I be worried?

Comment by Angela — February 15, 2014

I was told I had a condition called ICE SYNDROME, and pressure at 28 now, doctor wants to operate and put a tube in my eye, what are the risks ?? thanks

Comment by joan — March 18, 2014

I’m a young teenager and my pressure was pretty high in my eyes when the doctor checked, but he said it might have been just because I tensed up when he blew the air in my eye. he still wants to watch it ,but it was probably just the tensing up.

Comment by autumn — March 19, 2014

my eye pressure Left 14 right 14mmhg
before 12 months pressure is left 12 right 13mmhg

its a normal ? any possibility that I could develop glaucoma?

Comment by kochu — March 20, 2014

Had a eye exam March 21 2014 and the Dr. said my eye pressure was 25 and 27 Go back in 6 months for another check. Should I be concerned? I am 66 years old . Thanks.

Comment by Linda Sholtz — March 22, 2014

Linda as I understand it the therapeutic range for eye pressures are from 10 to 20. Your pressures are not all that high and the time for checking again is about right. As far as age is concerned I am 89 and when I was first diagnosed my pressures were near 30 in each eye. Now they stand at 20 for one eye which was damaged many years ago and so basically blind and the other stood at 16 on my last testing a week ago. I am checked by my doctor every 4 months even with the pressures under control. Good luck!

Comment by Bill — March 24, 2014

Ok I saw the Eye guy today he tells me my pressure is 26 last time I had my eyes checked it was high but there is no damage to my optic nerve….so I could just be one of those people with high pressure in the eye. I am not black, or of Mexican decent or have a family history so should I be concerned or NOT???????

Comment by Karen — March 29, 2014

Karen, quick answer to your question is; get a second opinion from a certified Ophthalmologist not an “eye guy”.

Comment by Bill — March 31, 2014

TIMOLO is a myocardial depressant. Am not surprised of a lot of adverse comments. Low pulse rate can result in giddiness and blackout with severe consequences!!
Pharma companies mention the above.

good cardiologist must be consulted BEFORE use.

Comment by Meher N. Dotivala — April 2, 2014

I just had my left eye (the worst one) worked on due to a cataract and astigmatism. The pain during the ‘procedure’ was excruciating despite everything I was told beforehand, including from the anesthesiologist. He said the pain drops would be the worst part. Well, he lied. Even though the drops felt like liquid razor blades, the only thing I can compare the surgery to was real razor blades!
When I asked the “doctor” the next day why so much pain he said it was because of the extent of my cataract and my astigmatism. Bullshit. I’m damn tough and my feet rose over 1.5 feet off the bed. When he said to me the next day my eye psi was 35 and I asked why so high, he happily chirped “you just had surgery!” I had to ask his nurse what normal was at which point he walked back in saying drops would help if it didn’t go back down.
I have a lot of experience with doctors, am only 54, and know the smell and taste of bs when I encounter it.
I have another appt. with him tomorrow morning – any ideas as to what to ask? Should I get another doc before I have another ‘procedure’ on 5-16? A bit of help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Comment by Bill — April 6, 2014

Bill, your experiences aren’t typical. Cataract surgery is a relaxed procedure that little old ladies often sleep through. Either:

1. Your eyes are more sensitive than normal (doesn’t matter how tough you are). Numbing eye drops don’t feel like razor blades … I can get them in my 5-year old without difficulty.

2. You needed more relaxing medicine (I’m assuming you had an IV … some eye doctors perform surgery with only oral relaxation, however)

I’ve had a few patients go through the same experience … excruciating discomfort despite us showering them with pain medicine and enough tranquilizers to drop a camel. I recommend you have your second eye under retrobulbar anesthesia. This is more work, and will make the surgery take longer, but will completely numb the eye.

Also, a pressure of 35 after surgery is common. It occurs because of a temporary blockage of the internal “drain” from
viscoelastic gel use. The pressure will come back to normal quickly. Viscoelastic gels are important in surgery for protecting the cornea.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — April 8, 2014

From another bill, with only one eye, You’re only 54 and I am 89 BUT messing with your eyesight without a second opinion is like Russian Roulette with all the chambers filled. Operative words here are second opinion. By the way, if they didn’t tell you, the supposed normal range is 10-21!

Comment by bill — April 8, 2014

Dr. Root,

Thanks for coming on here.

I am super worried because I have a family history of glaucoma, just began taking inhaled corticosteroids about 3 months ago, and have just-measured IOPs of 20 and 21. Three years ago, pre-corticosteroid, they were 16 and 17.

I just saw an ophthalmologist who says it’s ok, but I am worried about the drastic increase. I’m scared to death because of my grandmother’s blindness; should I get a second opinion because of the drastic increase, or just wait 6 months and have my IOPs tested again?
I’m worried that the IOPs will go up, up, up in the meantime, though.

Thanks so much for your opinion.

Comment by Mossersten — April 8, 2014

A four point shift in your eye pressure isn’t very much … I typically see fluctuations like this in “normal” eyes over the span of 24 hours. There are so many things that can affect your eye pressure, including time of day, season, dehydration status, etc..

Your increase isn’t drastic and your eye pressure is still in the normal range. Your ophthalmologist would have seen any obvious signs of glaucoma damage such as optic nerve changes during your last exam. A family history of glaucoma is a risk factor for glaucoma, but not a strong risk factor (especially across two generations). Just call the office and see if you can come back sooner for a pressure check (I’m sure they won’t mind billing you for the visit).

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — April 14, 2014

I have iop range 25 to 30 on both eyes what will I do to maintain it normal

Comment by rishi — April 24, 2014

Although normal eye pressure is up to 20, nobody seems to have mentioned the question of thickness of the cornea which can give a false low or high IOP reading. The thicker your cornea (the outer layer of the eye)higher the false reading will be.

My eye pressures move around quite a bit from 16 to 21 but as I have medium-thick corneas the real reading is about 13 to 18. Cornea thickness is measured by opthalmologists using a handheld electronic device. This cornea thickness factor only seems to have become general knowledge amongst glaucoma specialists during the last 15 years. So it’s always worth getting your cornea thickness tested during a hospital clinic visit – specially if you turn out to have thin corneas which means you must add 2-3 points to your pressure readings.

When Oh when is someone going to market a reasonably priced, reasonably accurate IOP measuring device so we can measure our IOP at home between hospital visits in the same way as we can measure blood pressure and blood sugar levels at home? It would sell like hot cakes. There is one made in Finland available in Europe called iCare (Google it) but it costs £1500 – and it isn’t marketed in the UK where I live.

Comment by Jeff Wallder — May 28, 2014

Can eye drops used to treat dry eye raise eye pressure? And if my pressure is 23 and 19 with no optic damage or history of elevated pressure, should I be on drops to treat or just monitor pressure? This was the 2nd reading in 2 months where it’s stayed this elevated

Comment by Misha — May 29, 2014

Retired optomologist. Always get second opinion, ALWAYS.Your sight is to precious to be put in the hands of money grubbing sharlatans and quacks which abound in this field of medicine.

Comment by John Hyonymn — June 18, 2014

All this is new to me. went to see doctor here in India and was told about eye pressure. The medicine cost me about $3.00.
The surgery about $200.00.

Comment by sammy — July 18, 2014

I have a family history of Glaucoma. I have open angle and I has LST about 5 years ago. Kept pressures down. My 25 year old son has LST 6 months ago after surgery his pressures were 11 & 13. Now 6 months after surgery they are both back up to 19 in both eyes. This concerns me since it has only been 6 months.

Comment by Sherry — July 29, 2014

My husband just went to the eye doctor. He apparently has glaucoma. Eye pressure of 80. He has to go back of course. Just how bad is that?

Comment by maria mays — August 5, 2014


Comment by pinkwolf70 — September 16, 2014

My pressure is 36. How high can it go before I have significant damage?

Comment by patsy — October 19, 2014

I have been seeing an eye specialist for 20 years. 13 eye surgeries later. Normal pressure is between 10 and 21. Of course if you have glaucoma it will go up and down. Two weeks ago mine were 16 and 18, now they are 10 and 11. Normal is lower.

Comment by Karen mcLelland — November 23, 2014

I have been thru a trabectomie surgery on 26 november and the second day IOP was 13 and 2 days later , my IOP is 3 , my doctor said this is normal. thansk

Comment by hocine zenati — November 27, 2014

Went for annual exam, Optometrist recommending I go back for further testing as my Eye pressure was high (24 I believe ). Should I not be referred to an Ophthalmologist?
Is an Optometrist fully capable of testing this?

How worried should I be? I’m 43

Comment by Anthony — December 18, 2014

Anthony, eye pressure of 24 is a bit high as 20 is the upper limit for. normal (though if you have thick corneas 24 is a false high reading and your actual pressure may be 2 units less. These matters are to important to be left to optomotrists with their inaccurate puff-of-air instrument of measurement, go to your doctor and get a referrel to an opthalmologist at a proper eye hospital who will do an accurate measurement using a more accurate tonometer and prescribe drops if necessary to bring down the pressure. Eyesight is too precious not to.

Comment by Jeff Wallder — December 19, 2014

My eye pressure is 20 but the doctor says it is high range of Glaucoma? Why?

Comment by R S GUPTA — December 28, 2014

i have been detected with 24 iop in my right eye although i dont have any slightest complaints of any type with my eye so should i need to worry plz reply must a.s.a.p ?????????

Comment by ritvik rajat — December 31, 2014

Well I’ve had a heck of a day, but my sisters day was worse. She called me around 10 am and said she couldn’t see. Her right eye was killing her, she wanted to go to sick call but they referred her to the ER (they didn’t even look at her) we first thought she was having a stroke. After the stroke was ruled out the ER doctor checked her eye pressure. First I should tell you that the day before she had woke up thinking something was on fire in her house because everything looked smokey. At the ER because of the pain and nausea her blood pressure was 265/145. When they checked her eye pressure it was 78 in her right eye and 71 in her left. The ER doctor sent was immediately to the eye doctor. Where he told me he had NEVER seen someone with Closed Angle Glaucoma in both eyes at the same time…but that’s what she has. After a passing out and throwing up episode and pills and many drops they got the pressure down enough to laser the right eye. She goes back Monday to have the left eye done. Because she let it go for so long she may have damage in her eyes. When we left the doctor today both were down to 17. Also because we were blessed with baby baby blue eyes that complicated things. The doctor was great, even showed me how cloudy her eye was and how the pupil wasn’t dilating. If she has long term damage how bad could it be and what kind? I know these pressures sound high but trust me they repeatedly kept testing her in between her bouts of being sick and passing out and when I say passing out…I mean she literally wet herself. Prayers please!

Comment by Karin — January 10, 2015

Folks, please don’t rely on an *optician* to diagnose or treat eye disease. Their specialty is vision correction via prescription eyeglasses. An *optometrist* is trained to detect and treat certain eye diseases, including glaucoma. An *ophthalmologist” holds a medical degree (MD), and should be consulted for complex cases or advance-stage disease.

Comment by e — February 11, 2015

My advice to anyone with a question about the pressure in your eye(s) is to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist (an eye doctor) for treatment. There are no over-the-counter drops that will help.

If you are being treated for infection of an eye, eyedrops for that treatment can raise your interocular eye pressure (even in both eyes), and you may need to take glaucoma drops to lower the pressure again. This has been my experience.

Comment by RLW — August 1, 2015

A higher that average eye pressure doesn’t always mean glaucoma, there are factors such as having a thicker cornea that will give a higher reading.
Those things the specialist or optometrist will take into consideration when reading your IOP

Comment by It doesn't matter — August 24, 2015

I’m a certified Ophthalmic Technician and a lot of the times the “normal” range is subjective. Generally speaking, I’d say between 10 and 20 mmhg’s is “withing normal range”. Many doctors have varying opinions on what they consider to be high pressure, however. Either way, fundoscopy should be performed to make sure the inner structures of the eye are healthy, particularly the optic nerve. I’ve seen patients with high pressure as a result of hypertension with no damage to the nerve. On the flip side, I’ve also seen patients with low pressure who are developing early signs of glaucoma. So like I said, it’s all pretty subjective.

Comment by Caleb — November 30, 2015

I just came from the ER for severe eye pain and pressure. They told me the normal is 12-22. But mine is 9 and they said that’s still ok

Comment by Ann C Gallagher — May 12, 2016

My eye pressure was 9 in both eyes this morning. I hope that’s close enough.

Comment by Vonya Day — September 16, 2016

I just got my eyes check today and i had a pressure of 14 in both eyes

Comment by Roger — January 19, 2017

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