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Ophthalmology Lecture Videos

Here are the first nine videos (I’m still working on the last cataract lecture). These videos correlate closely with the book chapters, and the full-motion video/animation segments should help clarify things!

These videos are streaming flash video from Vimeo (a website like youtube). Once the entire series is completed, I’ll likely reencode them and place them in the iTunes podcast directory for download and portable playback. One thing at a time, though.

I hope you enjoy these!

Video 1: History and Physical
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 18 minutes
An introduction to the eye exam, checking vision, pupil defects, and how to interpret the slit-lamp exam. The second half of this video has some great microscopy video-clips.
Video 2: Anatomy of the Eye
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 25 minutes
The eye is a complex structure, but this lecture makes it look simple! This video came out a little longer than expected, but it’s all high-yield with great video clips, color cartoons, and full-motion CT scans.
Video 3: Glaucoma
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 21 minutes
An important subspecialty, this video shows you the types of glaucoma, important slit-lamp/retinal findings, and the medical/surgical options for treating.
Video 4: Retina
Format: WMV, length: 16 minutes
The retina is normally a difficult subspecialty. In this video we cover anatomy, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, and macular degeneration – short and high-yield info!
Video 5: Infection
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 22 minutes
This video illustrates the important infections involving the eye: including conjunctivitis, blepharitis, HSV infection, pre-septal cellulitis, and endophthalmitis.
Video 6: Neuro-Ophthalmology Parts 1 and 2
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 25 minutes, 27 minutes
The neuro section can be confusing, so we’ve broken it into two seperate lectures. This first concentrates on eye muscles and cranial nerve palsies.
Video 7: Pediatric Ophthalmology
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 23 minutes
This video is loaded with great pediatric tips – checking vision, retinoscopy, prisms, amblyopia, leukocoria, and retinopathy of prematurity! Super high-yield!
Video 8: Eye Trauma
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 28 minutes
In this video I review a series of common ocular trauma seen in clinic and the emergency room. Lots of useful video and tips on treating these emergencies.
Video 9: Eye Optics
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 24 minutes
This lecture covers all the basic eye optics I wish I’d known when I started my training! All the basic concepts you need to write or analyze a glasses prescription.

Live Lectures
These lectures were given live before an actual audience. As such, they don’t follow the ophthobook quite as closely. On the other hand, these lectures are quite a bit funnier. Enjoy!

Super Eye Palsies
Format: Video stream, length: 29 minutes
A review of the extraocular muscles and the various cranial nerve palsies (3rd, 4th, and 6th nerves) that cause double vision.
Exploding Eye Lecture
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 28 minutes
Traumatic eye experiments (such as penetration testing with airsoft and paintball guns) used to understand eye injuries.
Comparative Eye Anatomy
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 22 minutes
Examination of the various eyes found in the animal kingdom, and what they can teach us about the human eye.
Slit Lamp Eye Exam
Format: Youtube stream, length: 24 minutes
Funny video review of the slit-lamp microscope and the components of the microscopic exam.
Pediatric Eye Exam
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 10 minutes
A short and humorous review of the child exam. This lecture is entirely full-motion video and covers vision testing, congenital glaucoma, and tips for looking at toddlers.
Tropias and Phorias
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 18 minutes
A simplified approach to eye-movement disorders. This animated lecture uses cartoon motions to demonstrate techniques like the cover-uncover test.
Loose-Lens Retinoscopy
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 24 minutes
This is the ultimate guide to retinoscopy for the newbie. While retinoscopy is the hardest skill to learn, these animations make it look easy!
Introduction to Cataracts
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 15 minutes
This short, concise lecture discusses cataracts, historical surgery advances, modern technique, and new implant options. Very interesting with many cartoon animations during the second half.
Cartoon Cataract Surgery
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 8 minutes
An animated and live-video guide to cataract surgery, with step-by-step instructions. Perfect for the student watching their first cataract surgeries.
Twenty Exam Tricks
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 15 minutes
This lecture was given at an ophthalmic tech conference, and covers eye “tricks” you can use for your difficult patient. Everything from optokinetic drums to pencil testing. Pretty funny, and a different style than the our other lectures.
Eye Trauma
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 24 minutes
In this lecture, I discuss eye trauma, kung-fu movies, and his elephant coffee. A humerous and video-intense approach to common eye injuries seen in the emergency room.
Optics Schmoptics
Format: Vimeo stream, length: 26 minutes
A review of optics basics. I discuss the pinhole eye in nature, diopters, Snell’s law, and other common focus problems in the clinic.


Outstanding, I just went through the 5 videos and I’d say I learned as much as I did in my 2 weeks in ophthalmology in my medical school.
Looking forward to seeing the other 5 videos and downloading the flash cards.

Comment by Stephen — February 1, 2008

outstanding,it was too usefull for me.
best regards

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SO GOOD. I found these really really useful.

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Thanks for sharing these excellent videos.

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Thanx for gr8 videos,realy useful for undergraduates who hav less time but vast eye sylabus to cover.When the next 5 videos going to come?

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you are sick

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Great work…solid foundation for further study. Thank you.

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Hey awesome job on the videos. They are a very nice intro to ophtho for a medical student. Are you working on the remaining videos? Thanks.

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Excellent videos! Very clear and easy to understand. Looking forward to the rest of the videos, thank you so much for sharing!

Comment by Amy W — January 13, 2009

Very well done. I hope you still plan to publish the other 5 videos. Are you taking donations?

Comment by Bryan Stout — January 31, 2009

I’m in Ophtholmic assistant, and this video has
really explained a tremendouse amount of imformation to me Thanks.

Comment by Crystal B. — February 7, 2009

Fantastic videos! And the book too!
Thanks for offering your time and hard work to help out so many medical students in need of a straight-forward explanation of ophthalmology. So glad I found your website!
Give yourself a big pat on the back!:) You deserve it.

Comment by Daniel Wilson — February 8, 2009

awesome videos!…theres a mistake in the neuro part II video though. it says loss of parasympathetics (thus pupil constricts)…i think you mean thus pupil dilates

Comment by sahil — February 17, 2009

This is fantastic. thanks for sharing this.

Comment by peter — February 27, 2009

What are your terms of use for these videos? May we incorporate them into elearning programs or live sessions with proper attribution to you? Thanks!

Comment by Linda — March 16, 2009

Hello Tim your Web is very funny and entertainment
Javier Torres Pediatric Ophthalmology

Comment by Javier Torres — March 29, 2009

Simply awesome… Thank you!!

Comment by LA — March 29, 2009

thanks, that was just awesome !!! i learned while watching one video, more than i did during two weeks in the ophtalmology department. keep going and thanks again

Comment by mounim — April 20, 2009

When will you cover Cataract, Errors of Refraction, Iridocyclitis, and Endophthalmitis?

Editors Note: I’m making the videos in order of the book chapters. Trauma will be next, followed by optics (refraction), then finally cataract. The book doesn’t cover iridocyclitis (except a brief mention in the trauma chapter). Endophthalmitis was briefly discussed in the infection chapter/video. Thanks for the interest!

Comment by prep4md — April 29, 2009

Thank you for having these available, I wish I could get them for every specialty! It’s made my ophthal revision so much easier.

Comment by Jo — April 30, 2009

Keep dropping it like its hot. Great videos.

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why cant they all teach things like you…..,if only the rest of medicine was thought this way! thanks

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thhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkk u soooooooooo much for these excellent videos i cannot tell u how much they have helped prepare for my exams
really appreciate ur effort n lookin forward for the rest of da videos soon

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I’m a med student (Ophthalmology hopeful) in Canada doing Ophthalmology electives right now, these videos are just fabulous. You have really simplified things and explained them in a way that makes sense.

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I like the way it’s explained. It’s amazing to see how things can be easily understood with simple explanations.

Thank you so much.

Comment by Kajingu Stéphane — July 31, 2009

Dr. Root, I was at JOMA today and really appreciate the videos and cartoons you have put together. It’s a great help for techs to be able to put a real picture and even better video with the names we hear about all the time!

The retinoscopy video is great! PLEASE PLEASE do one for a complete retinoscopy with jackson cross and cyl!! Retinoscopy has been my nightmare and would love to refine my skill. I’ve watched MANY videos and demonstrations and none did as well of a job as you did on the basics of retinoscopy! Thanks again! This is a great site!!!


Comment by Danielle Norvell — August 8, 2009

Can I request for a video on the different types of cataracts? Thanks again for the great work!

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The video on optics in particular is amazing, I finally understand lenses and prescriptions! I wish you went into more detail for retina though. Regardless, all the videos are very informative and well taught. Thanks again!

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Amazing video’s & nice graphics. The best way to learn for electives.

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Dr. Tim, Thank you from Mexico!!!
I just started my 2 week rotation in ophthalmology yesterday and i am learning son much and understanding more than most because i’ve devauer this videos on sunday, like a marathon.
Mil gracias!!

Pd: When are you going to post the rest of your live lectures? i’ll be waiting for it. Thank you!

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good day sir ! i know a person who has got a grade 1 coloboma of optic disc on ida mann classification. i wanted to know if there’s any treatment available for it .n what is stem cell therapy in eye disorders? plz do reply

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Comment by firas — October 1, 2010

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such a simple perspective it’s amazing!! Thank-you so much!! Keep on rockin your teaching videos doc!

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Mohamed Lasheen , Egypt

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Christoffer, Øivind, Jørgen and Pål

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thank ….

Tim Root: Deepak, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I haven’t been able to recreate your problem, but once a year I get feedback about videos halting half-way through. This may be related to how the videos are embeded. If you have this problem, I recommend going directly to Vimeo, and trying watching my videos there. Here’s the link to the lectures:


I’m working on creating a podcast stream, so you can actually DOWNLOAD each of the lectures to your computer and watch on iphone/ipad. Sign up to the email update newsletter (the blue box under the navigation) if you want to be uploaded when this is working. Thanks!

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Thanks in advance sir!

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Editor: I’m not sure what you mean. There are two cataract video lectures on this page:

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thank u so much,those were really helpfull .plz do lecture for diagnosis of types of squint

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I started to like opthal after visiting this website……
The videos are excellent.. I look forward for more topics..


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I don’t have patient to sit for reading books sometimes so i for it was a powerful tool for my carrier thank you very much for making those videos

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Millions of thanks from Malaysia.
I just joined eye department recently, n the videos are outstanding and assist me alot.
Can’t wait for more video clips from your site.
Thank you

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Wicked videos! I love the way that complex methods seems so simple when you go through them. Would love to see a video on volk lenses techniques.

Comment by Roger Lim — September 14, 2012

Awesome website that I have been using during my Emegency Medicine Residency. Is there a video of how to properly Algerbrush a metallic foreign body out of someone’s eye? I hate leaving a divot in the cornea but not sure how deep to go.

Comment by Dean — September 17, 2012

These vidios are wonderfull. Not only for Developed countries but also for those people of backward countries who wish to learn and have enough resources but country- wide there is no opportunity to get education about optometry. I am thank full to the whole organization who is involved in this activity. Specially, the tutre and his style of teaching is outstanding.
Khalid Sohial Gulzari

Comment by Khalid Sohail Gulzari — September 28, 2012

These vidios are wonderfull. Not only for Developed countries but also for those people of backward countries who wish to learn and have enough resources but country- wide there is no opportunity to get education about optometry.
Khalid Sohail Gulzari

Comment by Khalid Sohail Gulzari — September 28, 2012

great vids, you have fans in morocco

Comment by alesi — October 2, 2012

its very very nice.and very useful for me. especially slit lamp and retinoscopy .thank you…

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I want to say that I have always been interested in optometry and I love listening to your podcasts when I am doing my workouts. You provide great information in a fun way!

Thank you for doing this and I am looking forward to more of the podcasts.

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awesomeNESSSSSSSSSSSS!! exactly what i was looking for before my fourth year professional exam! Made ophtho so much better! thank you!

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i wish i will be as good as you one day

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thank u very much i wish i will be as good as you one day

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Thank you so much for these outstanding videos! They were the key for integrating my readings. You explain it in such an easy way that when you think about it you ask yourself: “Why hadn’t i taken THAT in consideration before!!??”. It takes A LOT of expertise to explain difficult subjects so easily.

Greetings from Mexico!

Comment by César Portilla — October 21, 2012

Thankyou Dr Root, Ophthalmology had always been my weakness…going through videos is getting me some good understanding of it….Thanks for sharing them so freely..God bless you…keep up the great work…

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its superrrrrr kooolllll….thankz alot

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Comment by brithika thangamuthu — October 25, 2012

Thank you for your GREAT videos and website. All my friends are enjoying it. Looking forward for new topics.

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Thanks for making such a high quality resource free to the world.

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Thank you so much for sharing these excellent videos. Sincerely, a tired medical student!

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thnx a lot :D thats really amazing.wting for more

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No ward can explain wt u did for us,,, thanks so much

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Hi, I honestly have so much gratitude for what you have done to explain the eye topics to us!! I NEVER got the eye side of things, but now I do and my FEAR around this has almost disappeared!! Thank you and God bless you!!

Comment by Jess — December 16, 2012

Wow. Great job. I’m writing my Ophthalmology UG exam in about a month. I hope more of these videos are up by then.

They’re about the most helpful thing I’ve come across on the net related to Ophthal. Thanks a million.

Comment by Astoria — December 16, 2012

If I may…adding a video of minor surgery done in the office would be helpful as well, along with showing different instruments used with them. Thanks for the other videos.

Comment by facts — December 26, 2012

Thank you for your videos and the website.

Comment by 5th Year Student — January 1, 2013

tnx for the nice job..just wished u had a separate video for cover uncover test with a real infant or toddler..its not that easy u know.. pediatrician from Iran

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fantastic video and great ackhanologmint

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Thank you so much for this information! I am the clinic trainer at our facility, and this website is a godsend!! Keep up the great work!

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Thank you very much. These videos are very informative :)

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Excellent videos and greetings from India

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Love your video!

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i am from Pakistan. Hats off to you sir! :)

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hi i’m from Turkey, Dr. Root
you’re really great, i admire you, i wish i will be able to do funny and educative lectures like you in my language, Turkish too after i finished medical school. :)

Comment by omer — February 19, 2013

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein
amazing videos

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Outstanding, Dr. Root.
You are an awesome teacher: always interesting, always informative!
Thank you so much!

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You are the best teacher !!!

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Excellent videos. Very precise information. Eager to see more of your new videos.

Comment by fahad — March 26, 2013

[…] resources about the structure and function of the human eye. The accompanying movies of the free ophthalmology book gives you a nice and detailed overview. You can also visit the online book […]

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Hello-I am optometry student.very thanks for videos.please give new videos.

Comment by abdurrahman — April 15, 2013

Awesome! I am about to have my final exams here in Germany, and my forth subject is ophthalmology. I have never understood this particular subject, until I discovered the videos here!

Thanks! Thanks! And thanks again! You have a clear didactic talent. I will but the book once I have money on my account again ;)

Comment by Xavier_Storma — May 4, 2013

Thank you. I have a clinical exam i ophtalmology tomorrow, as part of the medical study. It’s nice to get the most important things summarized in a pedagogical and efficient way. Best regards!

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Hi, Thank you so much, for your great explanation of neuroophtholmology topic. I’m a student of psychology and I’m doing research on Pupillary Light Reflex. These videos really helped and you have a great sense of humor too.

Comment by Ehsan Abdekhodaie — July 1, 2013

I cant believe how much easier my ophthalmology rotation has become because of you! Thank you! :-)

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I come back to these videos everytime i want a quick review..
Outstanding videos especially TROPIAS AND PHORIAS and RETINOSCOPY…you hve made them easy and fun! but i love them all..and the “crappacino” joke — will never forget it!!

Comment by Jyotika Sharma — July 24, 2013

These lectures and the book chapters are amazing! Thank you!

Comment by Caitlin — August 15, 2013

MS3 here, planning to apply ophtho a year from now. I’ve used your book and the online videos to get a good basic intro to the field. I LOVE THEM. Thank you so much, Dr. Root!

Comment by Christine — September 8, 2013

Thanks from India !!!
Awesome work buddy…:)

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good lesson – great lesson
i love it

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Thanks for sharing these excellent videos.

Comment by Ahmed — October 4, 2013

Watched some of your videos, helped a lot in getting the basic concept! Thanks for that. Can you add something on the basic theory and pathology following topics:
Uveal Tract, Sclera, Eyelids, and Conjunctiva?

Also, can there be a video on detailed examination procedure of the eye? I couldn’t find that.

Comment by iGuy — October 8, 2013

@ iGuy: You can find most of these topics spread throughout the book chapters and videos. As for a detailed examination procedure for the eye, I would watch my slit-lamp exam video and listen to this hour-long audio lecture over at eyetalkradio: Intro to the Eye Exam.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — October 8, 2013

you are the best ..
thanks alot from Palestine :)

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God bless you doctor.
Regards from Dubai

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Thanks from Egypt for your great efforts

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thank you

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I am just wondering if my podcast is broken because there are no new podcasts since February 2013… It would be great to see some of your other online lectures on the podcast so that I can listen to them while driving and not have to worry about using data on my iPhone. Thank you so much!

Comment by Amanda — December 1, 2013

Amanda, the video podcast isn’t broken … I just haven’t updated it in a while. I’ve done few lectures this year as I was finishing another book (rooteyedictionary.com).

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — December 6, 2013

Thanks! :)

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Outstanding amazing lectures thank u dr. …. Thank you

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Outstanding content! I am an emergency medicine resident and you have greatly improved my eye evaluation!

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Will you post video’s about how prisms are perscribed? Love the lectures

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This could not have been easy to compile and demonstrates a true commitment to better healthcare through education. An exceptional contribution.

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Thank you

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UK Medical student – this site is better than all ophthalmology books I have tried. Great sense of humour as well. Many thank.

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awesome videos……as a optometry student wishing to get more videos on optometric sides

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Better eye care through better teaching…mission accomplished!

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thank you. the teacher should learn how to teach.i never knew medical can be so interesting. seriously teachers like him are greatly needed.

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These videos and the textbook are excellent. A lot clearer and more concise than those provided by my top 3 UK medical school! Our tutors could learn many a lesson from you.
I am very grateful.

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Thanks a lot sir for all this stuff. Brilliant work.

& I would really appreciate it if you let me know how to download these videos for future refernce.

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i really like to thank you for this amazing effort to help understand students the basics of opthalmology…May ALLAH bless u and give u a lot of happiness ….

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its really awesome. it really helps in understanding and thanks for making it easier.enjoyed alot…..

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Wow! You teach better than most faculty at my med school!

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such amazing website, the book, the videos the podcast ,,,all things in it , I did not just like it but I fell in Love with it . English is not my language, I understood all medical terms and related things,but not all the fun facts hahah but I laugh even when I don’t understand it,
it is the most interesting medical book I have ever read!!
really really thank you, Salaaams from Palestine :)
I am an Intern Doctor,my dream is to be an ophthalmologist, now I am doing an elective 4 wks training in ophthalmology , I prepared for that by leaning from your website…so thanks a looooot,,you are a very nice teacher :) I wish if there is part 2 for yr book ,or ok no prob, I will read it twice :)

Comment by ZAINA Bouzia — November 15, 2014

Awesome……… expecting more videos….

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Best !!

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I am a doctor from pakistan. A fresh graduate. I passed my medical exam by watching your lectures. A big thankyou to you. Keep it free for future students and doctors. Your teaching skills are excellent

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You are an awesome teacher: always interesting, always informative!
Thank you so much!

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thanks you . its so helpful sir from pakistan (bmcit kmu)

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The best ever.
it was very useful to me as a neurology resident.
I am following you from Iran.

thank you very much.:)

Comment by elham ouspid — January 16, 2015

Hello again.
it would be great if we can have videos about how to test VOR and VOR suppression by visual fixation, and of course their interpretation.

Thank you so much.

Comment by elham ouspid — January 16, 2015

Thank you so much! I’m training to be a tech in at a retina specialists office. These lectures and book chapters are the perfect supplement to my heavier reading and on the job training. Truly helps me wrap my head around these complicated topics. Thanks again!

Comment by Tasha — January 17, 2015

dr. Root, the videos are great. i am about to start my post grad training in eye, and the videos are very useful to me to review basic concepts. thanx

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wonderfull and nice way of teaching.really helped a lot in making concept..

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wonderful.i really appreciate your efforts and service to humanity.great job done.Bravo.thanks a lot.keep on doing same good job please.

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great job!
lets start more advanced videos and apply more attractive techniques using new softwares. you can develop it much more. ask consultation from your fans.

Comment by sima — April 23, 2015

Thanks alot DR=ROOT
this is ahelpfull work
am astudent from EGYPT

Comment by ibrahim mohammad — April 23, 2015

sir when il ur cataract lecture be released plz give date?

Comment by haris — April 30, 2015

hey tim, do you have in mind doing videos for residents level? It would be perfect!

Comment by Alrawi — May 12, 2015

Great job.Your instructional videos are to the point,practical, fun and almost addicting.

Comment by Azizur Rahman — May 13, 2015

Dear Dr.Root, Than you so much. Could you post a video about eye drops and treatments please?

Comment by Jane — May 19, 2015

thank you from RUSSIA!!!! and MAlaysia!!
AFTER taking your supplements, browsing through the eye pathology the day before exam was never easier.

Comment by шу ин — May 28, 2015

I loved this website! I would recommend it to anyone in the ophthalmology field!

Comment by Amber — June 5, 2015

Was very useful

Comment by nikki — June 12, 2015

hey Tim this is some good shite right here, appreciate it.
helped me alot with my ophthalmo exam !!!!!

Comment by Alex — July 3, 2015

It would be cool if you could stuff info about ectropion and entropion somewhere, perhaps? And a wee bit about keratoconjunctivitis? But thank you for your great work as always!

Comment by Jack — July 17, 2015

Can you add something on the basic theory and pathology following topics:
Uveal Tract, Sclera, Eyelids, and Conjunctiva?
May God bless you for providing these lectures for free..!! You’ve earned a lot of prayers.. #Respect

Comment by Sam — August 4, 2015

Please give some videos on eye embryology…
Sir you are doing a very great job… keep it up…

Comment by Ainy — August 5, 2015

I spent my whole day watching these! You’re funny and incredibly smart and I like the monster avatars.

Comment by Grace — August 9, 2015

This is really great teaching. Over two years into Ophthalmology in the UK and I find the videos both educational and entertaining!

Thanks for the hard work!

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Very good and nice

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Hi iam from Pakistan.thank you so much :) this was of great help indeed

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I like your lectures very much!
Thank you so much!
It helps me to know more about ophthalmology and it is interesting!

From a graduated student in China

Comment by SammiChan — December 27, 2015

thank you
you are awesome

i still waiting catract

Comment by majd — January 5, 2016

Hi Tim

Thank you for the great videos! I would like to download them to use as a teaching tool for our undergraduate students. Is there a repository for high resolution videos? Our internet here is too slow to stream the videos.

Regards from South Africa

Comment by Dr Carl Kruse — January 6, 2016

Thanks a lot for all the hours spent in these videos and especially, thanks a lot for keeping them freely available for everybody.

Cheers from Spain :)

Comment by Blanca — January 26, 2016

Thanks from Egypt wish you the best

Comment by Noura — February 20, 2016

Learning Tropia and Phoria was quite a task. And then all of a sudden,i happen to stumble upon your website! And it all went easy peasy. I am a final prf med student and i am referring your website to all my frns :))
Keep spicing all that knowledge with humor ;)

Comment by Shreya Nakipuria — February 29, 2016

one of the best simple educational videos about ophthalmology that is student & patient oriented.thank you very much sir for this beautiful book

Comment by ahmed — April 18, 2016

Awesome videos – for someone who never can pay attention and can’t find use from videos, this was quite the opposite experience :)

Comment by Janet — April 19, 2016

Dr. Root I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and effort to make these videos and chapters. They are truly a lifesaver – you really what a student needs to learn and understand these concepts. So much better than being thrown into the open water and ultimately better for my future patients. Thanks a gazillion again!!!

Comment by K — June 1, 2016

Thank you very much for your excellent videos and textbook. You’ve certainly helped us to learn ophthalmology!

Comment by Shane — August 3, 2016

Currently in an NP program, and I can not tell you how much these videos have helped me! Thank you!!!!!

Comment by Michele E Parkinson — September 19, 2016

Oh my God, what a great work!! I ‘ve never a medical topic simplified that way with an informative, comprehensive, fun, and tasty way.

Man, you made me think of opthalmology as a sub- specialty.

Thank you for every effort you have put to make this project available to help the medical students, or even seniors.
Love you!

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Boss. Have you finished from Cataract lecture? Still waiting in here

Comment by Bob — January 20, 2017

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