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Anatomy of the Eye Video

length: 25 minutes

This second video is chock-full of high-yield anatomy facts. The eye is a complex structure with layers, lens, muscles, receptors, that is surrounded by many bones. I keep things simple in this video, and correlate directly with the anatomy chapter from the book. I’ve also scanned in an entire head CT to help you correlate the cartoons with real clinical imaging. Here are screen-captures from this video:

Screen Captures from this Video:

The orbicularis closes the eye, while the levator raises the lids. Each has their own innervation (cranial nerves 7 and 3)

The external eye is covered by the thin conjunctival tissue, which inserts at the limbus of the eye.

The nasolacrimal duct drains tears from the eye surface into the nose – explaining why your nose runs when you cry. You can see this duct on CT.

The punctum is small and located on the medial lid, near the nose. We can put plugs in the punctum to help with dry eye.

This patient has an eyelash that’s stuck in the punctum.

The cornea and sclera are continuous with each other … however, the cornea is clear because it is relatively dehydrated.

The cornea has five layers – the endothelial layer acts as a pump to keep the cornea dehydrated.

The ciliary body sits behind the iris and tethers the lens in place by a 360 degree network of zonular fibers.

The lens has the configuration of a peanut M&M with an outer capsule, middle cortex, and central nucleus. In this advanced cataract, the cortex has liquefied into a milky consistency, and the central brown nucleus has sunk to the bottom.

Eye movement is controlled by rectus and oblique muscles that tether the eye and connect at the orbital apex.

The orbital walls are formed by seven separate bones. They aren’t that difficult to learn when you review them one-by-one.

You can see the orbital bones and the extraocular muscles on CT – a coronal view like this one works best.


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the films are perfect.

Comment by HECTOR BARAJAS — March 16, 2008

It is nicely explained.Good job!

Comment by gurinder — June 14, 2008

its informative, good enough explainatory and very healthy education abt outer adnexa and anotomy in short time, excelent explaination ‘m looking more video abt this topic if u guys have just email me plz
thanx and best regards

Comment by Jaff syed — June 19, 2008

this information is very use full students, very good diagrames simple points,

Comment by Mohd. Atheeq Ahamed — September 17, 2008

Thank you very much , this video helped me alot in understanding the anatomy of the eye … keep going ^-^

Comment by emma — November 5, 2008

it is execellent i really enjoy iy

Comment by basma — November 25, 2008

would like to see more!!

Comment by Dr.Vijay Dani — February 23, 2009

Thank you very much. This was great. It really helps students understand.

Comment by Brooke — February 26, 2009

Superb! Thanks

Comment by usop — March 1, 2009

i wanted to revise the eye anatomy before starting opthalmology 25 min worth watching the vidio thank you so much

Comment by devyani — March 23, 2009

this video was really very helpful….

Comment by swathi — March 24, 2009

hope everybody is doing fine.these videos are superb!but what should i do to download them?

Comment by nur — March 29, 2009

I’ve been studying from books for my OMA certification but I’ve never been able to see the eye pictured like this. It has been a tremendous eye opening help (pun intended). Thank you so much.

Comment by Karri — April 21, 2009

But where do i download this video ? is there any link to download it ?

Comment by Dark Lord — April 28, 2009

It really helped me 2 understand the basics about the eye…pictures and illustrations were very helpful

Comment by piyumi — May 13, 2009

I am a 4th year medical student. Currently attending eye ward @Hamdard University,Karachi, Pakistan. This video has helped me immensely and it made and impact on my memory (which is a very difficult job to do)…
I appreciate the simple examplainatory method and awesome slides. You have done great service for humanity…
Rasheed Syed :)

Comment by Rasheedullah Syed — May 22, 2009

Awesome!a simple and methodical way.thanks for a quick revision.

Comment by suba — May 28, 2009

This is one of the best medical websites I have ever seen.

Comment by chris — June 11, 2009

the lecture was great and appropriately related all the clinicals.i think all students learning about eye should watch the video.

Comment by aiza ansari — June 13, 2009

super ..when wil lens optics come..i’m waiting..
please put it up soon

Comment by momo — June 19, 2009

Simply exellent.

Comment by Farooq Ahmed Moghul — July 28, 2009

Perfect video for ocular anatomy!

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Comment by Peter Pan — July 31, 2009

I am a student of B.Sc(HONS)Optometry and Orthoptics(ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCES) 2nd year in NISHTAR MEDICAL COLLEGE ,MULTAN, PAKISTAN.This video is especially helpful for the students of Optometry and Orthoptics.I am grateful to the site runners because.
Nishat Bokhary

Comment by Nishat Bokhary — August 3, 2009

Very good presentation. Thank you. This will assist me with my class lectures on Anatomy in a Surgical Technology class.

Comment by DDougherty — September 5, 2009

I liked it, I Think that this kind of images are good like material.
One of the best things to learn anatomy is although pictures. that help me ….. thanks!!!!!

Comment by edna mora — September 10, 2009

I am attending school for a Visual Impairment teaching certification, so I have no medical background. I am required to take an eye anatomy and visual functions class that has a very technical and confusing textbook. This video made turned gibberish and nonsense into something I could process! Keep it up and PLEASE make more videos!

Comment by Jenn Karn — September 11, 2009

Ilove the video and would like it very much if youl could send me the link through which i can download it so that it will assist me in learning my ocular anatoomy

Comment by Addai Richard — September 28, 2009

The videos are a joy to watch and a welcome respite from the world of textbooks. Thank you.

Comment by J Rouwhorst — October 4, 2009

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fantastic lecture and great site

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thanks a lot. this video should be used as an introduction before hitting the core anatomy of the orbit and the eyeball and surely as a first chapter in an ophthalmology course. i hope you keep on doing this great job.

Comment by veshak kumar keerpaul — January 16, 2010

Thank you Dr. Root. brilliant and easy to follow video. Keep up the good work.

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guys i wanna tell you that you are unbeievable-you give free amazing awesome lectures to all people just to make them understand-god bless you – my best wishes

azhar hussain

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Nicely Explained Lectures. Good job.

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These are all perfect,artistic.I have seen different videos from different resources,but watching yours,encourage me to study more.You know all what we need to know.
Again,this is ”art”.

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Comment by philantoo — February 24, 2011

The cornea is not dehydrated relative to the sclera. It is actually the other way around, due to the cornea having ~4 times the number of glycosaminoglycans as the sclera. The hydration provides the proper spacing between collagen bundles to cause destructive interference, reducing scatter.

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