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Exploding Eye Lecture (Video)

Here is our latest lecture on eye trauma, where I discuss many causes of ocular trauma: heat injury, projectiles (airsoft, paintball, bb gun), chemical burns, laser, and explosive trauma. You can watch this lecture in high-resolution 720p by changing the settings to "HD" in the player below (or by watching the YouTube version in HD mode) or by downloading the 720p file below. This is a graphic presentation … so you might want to watch in full-screen mode for the full effect. Enjoy!

length: 28 minutes

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ExplodingEye.m4v (229 MB)
ExplodingEye720p.m4v (1000 MB)


(comments below)

The lecture begins with a description of the various heat-protection mechanisms of the eye. This includes the location within the skull, heat conduction of vitreous, and the overlying tear film.

Sparkler flames can cause significant burns secondary to the intense heat produced by burning magnesium.

Projectiles, specifically BB, airsoft, and paintball guns are covered. We examine the kinetic energy of flying pellets and perform "penetration" testing on pig eyes for a more graphic demonstration.

Acid and base injuries are compared … including an experiment dipping eyeballs into chemicals to show the difference between coagulation necrosis and gross liquefaction of tissue.

The power of light energy is discussed, including a simple fresnel lens experiment and surgical phototoxicity. A high-powered laser light is used on a pig eye.

Firecrackers and m80s are set off near the eye to demonstrate concussive blunt trauma. Many blunt "open globes" create expulsion at the limbus where they are easy to detect.

Globe ruptures can also occur at the insertion of the rectus muscles. This is particularly tricky to repair, as this involves cutting back the conjunctiva and exploring under the extraocular muscles.


Awsome lecture! Loved it and kinda gory at the end.
One thing though: I’m having some problems posting comments: after posting, I get an error and can’t tell if its posted or not.

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Comment by Tom — July 12, 2012

Hello Dr. Tim Root,

Thanks so very much for yet another explosive video! Very nice one indeed!


Thanks in advance sir!

Comment by Ozone — July 15, 2012

thanks!easy to understand!

Comment by preethi — July 15, 2012

i love u with deep respect sir.
I wish u could come to uganda and be my tutor.
I love u

Comment by othieno ivan — July 15, 2012

Just perfect! You always know, how to amaze your listeners :):) Your efforts are great!

Comment by Anton Vurdaft — July 15, 2012


Comment by dd — July 15, 2012

Fantastic videos as always. Much appreciated. I may not love you as much as Othieno Ivan, but I certainly have great respect for you.

Comment by Bill — July 15, 2012

Excellent lecture & show Doc. Thanks for enlightening. Very informative and helpful.

Comment by Anant Vikram Lakhotia — July 16, 2012

Excellent lecture & show Doc. Thanks for enlightening. Very informative and helpful.

Comment by Anant Vikram Lakhotia — July 16, 2012

Excelent lecture!

Comment by Ms. pink — July 17, 2012


Comment by zhouyingming — July 21, 2012

Thank you Dok Timothy. From the Philippines

Comment by Daryl — July 25, 2012

Tnx Dok Timothy. From the Philippines

Comment by Daryl — July 25, 2012

I am teaching in India and love your lectures.I show them to my residents and we all enjoy together.A wonderful way to teach ophthalm ! you have taken so much efforts and it is definitely a unique project.Keep it up.

Comment by Prof Rekha Khandelwal — July 25, 2012

great .. as usual :)

many thanks :)

Comment by mohamed — July 26, 2012

awsome lecture i like it to much

Comment by uzma — August 21, 2012

thank you for this very good lecture which contian very important point .

Comment by khaled thabet — October 17, 2012

very useful lecture

Comment by kavya — May 28, 2013

keep it up doctor, the lectures are awesome, med. students in Egypt like your way of teaching.

Comment by Magdy fouad — June 28, 2013

I train the San Antonio Fire Depertment EMS and was “surfing” for some new material for my burns lecture and found YOU!

This is an amazing and totaly captivating presentation and will most definitely hold the attention of this very unique (easily bored) audience.

You are to be commended for combining scientific data with humor.

Comment by Vicky — January 10, 2014

It’s wonderful and So Impressive

Comment by SYED BARKAT ISLAM — December 10, 2014

even as an optometrist, i am greatly instructed by your insightful lectures. keep it up doc.

Comment by ibe chukwudi T — March 25, 2015

Such a awesome video!

Comment by Ophthoren — November 12, 2015

awesome doctor

Comment by Chiranjibi Mainali — October 26, 2016

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