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Eye Trauma Lecture

This lecture covers common eye-trauma seen by ophthalmologists … such as corneal abrasion, lid lacerations, orbital wall fractures, and open-globe injury. This was recorded at the HOPS ophthalmic technician conference in Daytona Beach.

length: 24:30 minutes

Snapshots from this lecture:

The lecture title for the actual “trauma” section.

I discuss eyelid lacerations and how to repair them. I then discuss and show videos on the two methods for repairing canalicular lacerations … monocanalicular stents (monocult) and crawford tubes.

We show the difference between a corneal laceration and a corneal abrasion, and performance of the Seidel test to look for leaking aqueous.

Several gory videos are shown of bad trauma. This is a lid avulsion, requiring careful suturing and a crawford tube. I also cover lateral canthotomy and open-globe wounds.

Floor fractures are discussed, along with reading CT scans.

Entrapement is always of concern with an orbital fracture. Forced duction testing is demonstrated.


Very informative and fun video!

Comment by Singh — November 27, 2009

good hustle! Enyoed it!

Comment by Oskar — January 4, 2010

Hi, great website, great work.

The video is not loading from this site or vemo. Anyone else having this trouble?


Comment by chris — August 31, 2010

Your videos are awesome!!! I use them in my AF Lectures to excite the class. Thanks
SSgt Smith

Comment by Beverly — October 26, 2011

Good videos!They help us Ophthalmology students a lot!Thank you!

Comment by Robert — November 14, 2011

great and fun video !! you’re the best teacher !!!!!!!!

Comment by Bin Dakhil — November 15, 2011

dear sir,
these videos are very helpful for ophthalmic tech;doctors,
thank you,

Comment by tajammalhussain — February 14, 2012

very nice lectures, well presented.

Comment by dr. alali — February 23, 2012

Excellent lecture ,every body can teach,But only very few people can able to cross the blood CSF barrier,to reach Brain.well you every word can do it,its truly amazing

Comment by Eranda Wannigama — June 23, 2012

Hi sir
I’m a GP from IRAN-In middleast- please send this vidio to my email,so i can give it to my other Friends-DOCs- in iran.
in our country mw can NOT Donlowd your VERY NICE & USEFUL & informative VIDEOS :(
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Comment by Dr Peyvand Allameh — April 13, 2013

hi dear dr
I’m optometrist from iran
you are best teacher and your lecture and videos are excellent.
I like have a connection with you through email and consult with you about topic of my thesis.
this is my email address:
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thanks a lot dear dr

Comment by soraya — August 25, 2013

Thanks for commenting. I’ll email you Soraya, but I’m pretty busy with other eye projects and may not be too helpful if you have a lot of questions or looking to collaborate on a project.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 25, 2013

loved it…

Comment by karuna — June 24, 2015

simply love this…

Comment by Chiranjibi Mainali — October 26, 2016

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