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Slit Lamp Exam (Video)

Here is a humourous, 24-minute guide to the slit-lamp eye exam. From constructing a microscope, positioning your patient, to the anterior SLE exam itself … it’s all covered here. Enjoy!

length: 24 minutes

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SlitLampExam.m4v (193 MB)


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slit lamp microscopeBuilding a slit-lamp microscope
The lecture begins by examining the slit lamp and physically constructing a

adjusting pupillary distancepatient positioning for eye exam
We then continue by familiarizing ourselves with the slit lamp controls and
learning to position our patient.

slit lamp cornea viewexamining the anterior chamber
A "model eye" is used to demonstrate the 8 anterior eye structures
we look for.

Layers of the lensVitreous Jelly
The cross-section of the lens and vitreous are explained.

Retroillumination off irisTID - Transillumination Iris Defect
Live eyes are then used to demonstrate advanced exam technique.

fluoresceinImbert Fick Law
The blue filter and fluorescein are explained, as is the theory behind applanation

Iritis or HyphemaRed-Free Filter
The green (red-free) filter is used to detect red blood cells floating in the



Funny! I love it!

Comment by Tom — August 1, 2011

Always informative. Very funny!

Comment by Carol — August 2, 2011

no video playing , while my net is so fast !!!!!!!!
i tied different browser , but no video streaming !!!!!
please help (::::::::

Editor: Hmm … playing at my end. Are you at work? Sometimes video playing sites get blocked by hospitals. You can watch the lecture at these either of these links:

Vimeo Version (higher quality)
Youtube Version (lower quality)

Comment by soufiane — August 2, 2011

great, very good , thanks for links,it works very well ,really very interesting video .

Comment by soufiane — August 2, 2011

amazing video..luvd it..jst joind residency and struggling wid slit lamp..its a gr8 help to me n my batchmates 2 watch videos like these..pls cntinue the gr8 work..

Comment by dr somesh ranjan — August 2, 2011

Thank you Tim for all the information ….this is great not only for the OD’s but also the contact lens fitters out there.

Comment by Shamim — August 2, 2011


Comment by KHALID KAMAL BScOptom — August 3, 2011

Thanks a lot all your video is very much helpful especially to me…thanks a million… please continue to do this great job of yours….:)

Comment by Sheila — August 5, 2011

Your simply amazing….love it…:)thank you very very much…how i wish I can attend even one of your actual lectures… keep it up…. your the best…..:)

Comment by Sheila — August 5, 2011

Thanks a lot…The most interesting part was it about light filters….

Comment by Ferit — August 6, 2011

Fantastic presentation.

Comment by Billy — August 7, 2011

Wonderful. Who is this author?

Comment by Emily — August 21, 2011

Ah.. Tim Root himself =)

Comment by Emily — August 21, 2011

very good no need of lecturers in college

Comment by chetana — August 24, 2011

Amazing! I wish i can someday in the future explain ophtalmology to students and medical residents as well as you do! Keep up the awesome work, because lots of people from all over the world are learning from it, thank you!

Comment by Amelia — September 3, 2011

sir u r simply amazing….. the BEST.

Comment by hemangi — October 9, 2011

thank you very much , It’s very useful and funny .It make me to know how to use slit lamp very much

Comment by benny — October 14, 2011

thank you very much for making me able to visualize this subject in intersting way :) love it! good job doc!

Comment by bluedaisy — October 21, 2011

sir u r very great and thanks to increase my knowledge to this slit lam videos

Comment by tulsyanikishore — October 31, 2011

great, very good , thanks for links,I learn lots of things about the eye & I show my mum also this video.It’s very clear. thanks again.

Comment by chan — November 10, 2011

Best lecture I’ve ever seen.. Enjoyed to the max !! I’m looking up to you sir.. best wishes from the lands of the pyramids :)

Comment by Ahmed Fouad — November 13, 2011

absolutely a brilliant lecture…
Thank you

Comment by Haitham — November 17, 2011

thank you

Comment by Abdulmohsen — November 18, 2011

very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Comment by imran pasha — December 13, 2011

superb video Dr. Tim. Thanks

Comment by Anant Lakhotia — December 14, 2011

niceeeeeeeeeeeee eeee,very very nice

Comment by abdallah — February 12, 2012


Comment by fatima — February 16, 2012

great, all most everything I want!

Comment by valen — March 19, 2012

Excellent, now I just have to teach the (ED) juniors……..

Comment by Bridget — April 8, 2012

Thank you for your work! its very clear and helpful. I would be glad to meet you someday.


Comment by felipe mellado — April 29, 2012

It is very good.but I can`t download it.I think that webesite`s address has changed or (filtered) because I am iranian.please help me.thank you

Comment by mohsen — May 12, 2012

Hi Tim

I am an emergency registrar and I have never been at a lecture so informative yet so humorous at the same time. Thanks very much. This lecture really would help in my clinical practice. Appreciate your efforts Cheers,

Melbourne , australia

Comment by Simon — May 21, 2012

muchas gracias!!! this is grate, i am getting the same killer treatment in my oftalmo rotacion!!! this realy helps!

Comment by ileana — June 5, 2012

It’s great & very helpful video. Speaker is very good, excellente !!

Comment by cris — June 26, 2012

Thank you, You are a genius.

Comment by Buwtaj — June 30, 2012

Thank you so much!
You are genius!!!!!!

Comment by Ploychompoo (May) — July 6, 2012

Excellent video

Comment by Meghana — July 19, 2012

Thanks. Your video lecture has corrected and enhanced my knowledge of sllitlamp examination. Your contribution to the field of ophthalmology is highly appreciated. Keep it up!
Dr. mirjafarhussain

Comment by Dr.MirJafar — July 22, 2012

Thanks. Your video lecture has corrected and enhanced our knowledge of sllitlamp examination. Your contribution to the field of ophthalmology is immensely appreciated. Keep it up!
Dr. mirjafar

Comment by Dr.MirJafar — July 22, 2012

Hello Doctor Root! This lecture was extremely captivating! I actually applauded so loudly, forgetting the fact that i was in the library.. Wonderful explanation!! No words to describe Sir. Thanks a lot!

Comment by medicalstudent — August 18, 2012

Thank you sir, you are such a great teacher, you make it so fun and easy to understand, Keep it up, sir!

Comment by Anh Bui — September 3, 2012

superb video.so informative and superb presentation.

Comment by Arnab Banerjee — September 11, 2012

Thank you Dr root.Im optometrist and your videos enligthened me more than the real live experience.I like it so much that i had downloaded it.
Keep it up.
kisumu kenya

Comment by langat christopher — September 20, 2012

Thank you Dr root.I’m optometrist and your videos enlightened me more than the real live experience.I like it so much that i had downloaded it.
Keep it up.
kisumu kenya

Comment by langat christopher — September 20, 2012

Absolutely brilliant .So much information ,it’s just what we need as Emergency registrars .Thank you

Comment by Shalini Cleophas — October 11, 2012

Great job done, you made study a fun and easy to memorize
Irshad Ali Vertejee

Comment by Irshad Ali — January 14, 2013

Great video! Very educational. Slit lamp is one of the most complex instruments in medicine and you managed to make it simple. Even an idiot like me understood it!

Comment by Ric — February 12, 2013

I remember when a Ophthalmology Resident told me “check the patient on the slit lamp, I come later” I didn’t know a thing about the slit lamp. I was that baby thrown to the water.
Thank you Sir

Comment by Norman — March 16, 2013

thank you for your brilliant videos you are such a great teacher, you make it so fun and easy to understand, Keep it up

Comment by islam — March 22, 2013

I am an Ophthalmologist and working as Professor in Govt. PGIMS, Rohtak Haryana India and like your video on Slit Lamp Examination of Human eye. It will be helpfull for both UG and Pg students of Medical Institute.

Comment by DR.ASHOK RATHEE — July 7, 2013

It’s really interesting for our nursing students to watch, thank you very much.

Comment by lisa chu — July 8, 2013

anterior photos is very nice

Comment by chikku — August 27, 2013

simply great

Comment by tahar — October 9, 2013

thanks for making Optometry very interesting to learn. Expecting more lessons. FRED

Comment by frederick mensah — October 29, 2013


Comment by LAILA — November 16, 2013

brilliant video.

Comment by Matthew — December 12, 2013

no video playing , while my net is so fast !!!!!!!!
i tied different browser , but no video streaming !!!!!
please help (::::::::

Comment by Grace — January 9, 2014

Working on my end. You may not be able to view videos embedded on Vimeo. Try downloading the lecture or search for slit-lamp exam on youtube to find it there.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — January 10, 2014

Very good presentation

Comment by Parmeshwari Dayal — February 6, 2014

Brilliant teaching! Thanks Tim!

Comment by Chester — March 11, 2014

Very good :) I am an intern and it was very useful for me

Comment by Omar — April 4, 2014

the lecture was simply AWSOME!!!!!

Comment by dr.kainat — April 13, 2014

I might be wrong, probably not, but Dr. Root is likely the best ophthalmic educator and lecturer, like, ever. His presentation is fluid, packed with information, and just so dang funny!

Comment by J. Richardson — May 7, 2014


Comment by pinky austria — May 16, 2014

very informative

Comment by paulette owens — June 15, 2014

Really useful, entertaining and informative video. Makes the senseless make sense. Thanks it’s been a real help. :D

Comment by Tricia — September 24, 2014

ur awesome. u make me understand optha better than my teachers.

Comment by kyle — October 3, 2014

Thank you so much :)

Comment by Richa — October 10, 2014

Very informative and interesting

Comment by Imshad — October 14, 2014


Comment by richard sanchez — October 17, 2014

i do thank you all who made this work,so funny & informative

Comment by shimaa — October 21, 2014

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